Most people who convert to the Catholic faith feel gently guided to pursue the faith, with God bringing them step by step into the beauty of His Church. It is a journey of prayer, study and reflection.

But others report crazy little miracles that led them to become Catholic. Those are the stories we have collected for you below. The featured individuals hail from all different religions, Christian and non-Christian.


Uma Krishnan was a devout Hindu living in Virginia when she had dreams of a “very humble lady” who turned out to be the Virgin Mary. She also dreamed of being in a church she had never seen. She later found herself in that same church in real life!


An article by Katie Bahr published by the Catholic News Agency on Nov. 15, 2009 tells the story. “One night she dreamed she was walking into a church she’d never seen before. Once inside, she turned right and found a little room where there were red candles and a statue of Mary. The second night, she was in the same room, but this time she saw a big cross made of palm leaves,” Bahr writes.


The article goes on to tell the story about how she and her husband, Kumar, found themselves in the dream scene while visiting St. Mary of Sorrows Church in Fairfax, Virg. Also be sure to check out Uma’s dream about the boat ride with the mysterious woman in blue who showed her Bible verses which she read during her dream. Dreams about Mary – Hindu couple joins Church     From Hinduism to Catholicism   


Dream of Solomon - God Promises Solomon Wisdom
Dream of Solomon - God Promises Solomon Wisdom

Noah Lett – Listen to his entire conversion story on this video but I’ll share a few highlights now. When he was six or seven, he heard about Solomon’s dream, in which Solomon asked for wisdom. A week later, young Noah Lett heard a voice: “So why don’t you ask the God of Solomon to bless you like he blessed Solomon?”  Noah hollered to the sky: “God of Solomon! Bless me like you blessed Solomon!”

Years later – he was almost in college – he was suffering because he still hadn’t found truth or God. One night, he went to bed. He woke up in the morning to a mystical experience. In his blue bedroom, he saw “chunks of sky.”

Noah touched the strange walls and realized he wasn’t breathing. A breeze went into his mouth and nose and filled his chest. He realized he was experiencing Jesus. He said over and over, “Jesus, you are the one.”

Eventually, he joined a Lutheran church and became a pastor. But then he had another mystical experience. As he was walking into his kitchen, he found himself suddenly transported to a scene in France. He was looking at the incorrupt body of the late Saint Bernadette. The Lord said, “Noah, what do you see?” Noah: “I see a woman who loved you dearly.”  The Lord repeated the question: “Noah, what do you see?”  

At this point, Noah could see down the tunnel of the saint’s life, including her death, and he said, “Lord, I see that you have the power to prevent corruption of death.”    The Lord repeated, “What do you see?”  Noah kept looking down the tunnel of her life, and now he saw a priest place on the nun’s tongue Jesus in the form of Holy Communion.    Noah replied, “Lord, I see that the Roman Catholic Sacraments give what they promise. I see! I see!”  

Noah became Catholic.  At the time of the vision, he knew who the nun was, but couldn’t remember her name and had not known much about her. Saint Bernadette later convinced Noah to go work at EWTN.

He Saw St. Bernadette, Dead in His Living Room    Noah Lett (National Black Catholic Congress)     Marcus Grodi interviews Noah Lett (2009)     Video here


Elizabeth Ficocelli Previously a nominal Lutheran, Ficocelli told her conversion story on EWTN during an interview with Marcus Grodi aired on Nov. 10, 2008. One day, at the age of eight, she wished to escape whatever turmoil was plaguing her on a particular day, and began pouring her heart out to God, asking Him to escape life and go to heaven right away to be with God. Out of nowhere, she heard a voice. It said, “I have a special mission for you.” The little girl responded, “Am I going to be another Mary?” (To this day, she doesn’t understand why she said that, since she had little interest in or knowledge of the Blessed Mother). The divine voice did not answer.

          Skip forward to her junior year of college, when she met a young man who would later become her husband. He invited her to a Catholic Mass at the college’s Newman Center. Ficocelli says she “experienced God” at that Mass. “At that moment of consecration, when that priest held up that host, I knew it was Jesus . . . No one had to tell me any big theological explanations. I knew it. I recognized Him.”

          She entered the Catholic Church 30 years ago, and now has four sons. One day, she was at Mass with her family when something the priest said triggered the memory of the voice she heard at age eight. She laughed at herself for asking God if she would become “another Mary.”

          Just then, she heard THE VOICE again. This was only the second time in her life this had happened. The voice said, “No, you’re going to glorify My mother.”

          Since then, she has written many articles on Mary and the rosary, and even was asked to visit Lourdes and write a book entitled Lourdes: Font of Faith, Hope and Charity (2007).

          In her EWTN interview on Journey Home, she describes a miraculous sensation that occurred just after the Sacrament of Confession in which it felt “as if someone had taken a bucket of water and placed it above the doorway and that it poured down and splashed down from my head to my toes instantly. And I went from feeling like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders at one moment to feeling completely joyful, free, lighthearted . . . I thought I was floating.”

          The interviews, as well as many of her articles and books, can be accessed at her web site Here is an interview of Elizabeth.


Judith McRae of Calgary . . .  “Into the Deep  The best part of this conversion story is the ending. This Canadian woman had a long internal struggle with joining the Catholic Church but she finally promised Jesus on Nov. 30, 2000, that she would become Catholic. She had previously given Jesus reasons she should not join, such as “this will make my mother very upset” – to which Jesus responded, “You belong to me, not to her.”  (Source:

         Well, the woman mustered up the courage to tell her mother about her decision to become Catholic. Her mother then revealed a long-kept secret: “On the day that you were born, Jesus came to me and said, 'When your daughter grows up, she will do something completely unexpected. When she does this, you are not to stop her. You must remember that she belongs to me, not to you." Today, Judith McRae is RCIA coordinator for St. Peter’s Catholic Church in Calgary, Alberta.


A guy named “Nicholas wrote into the Catholic forums with a neat story of his conversion at age ten. As a 10-year old, Nicholas did not believe in God and was not happy to receive a Bible for his birthday. He left the Bible untouched for a while, but finally opened it out of curiosity and reading the story of Jesus being scourged at the pillar and condemned to death even though Pontius Pilate said he was innocent. Overcome with compassion and sympathy for Jesus, Nicholas says his eyes began welling up with tears.


Nicholas writes, “I felt so much compassion for this man that in my mind I cried out: Jesus! Suddenly, there was a flash of light, like lightning, and a man appeared above the table. He wore a white garment and had his right hand raised in a strange gesture, which years later I would learn was a sign of blessing. He was a very beautiful man, dazzling bright, and he spoke to me in a strong yet gentle voice . . ..” To read the rest of Nicholas’ story here (scroll to “Eucharisted”)


Son came to mom in dream: Responding to a question about whether it was possible for a deceased loved one to visit after death, this woman replied that it not only happened to her, but that she became Catholic as a result: “My 16-year-old son died in a car accident in 1996. He came to me in a dream and told me he needed Masses said for him. So I did and through that process I came into the Catholic faith. I tell everyone that my dead son brought me into the faith.” (Source - “Irishgal49”)


Teenage friend appeared in dream: When this man was 18 years old in 1994, six young people he knew were lost in two fatal car accidents. Three to four months after an accident, his deceased friend Chuck appeared to him in a dream and said only two words: “help me.” He understood he should pray for him to get out of purgatory. In fact, his mother had given him a Saint Gertrude card with purgatory prayers, but he had left it on his bedside believing it was “a bunch of crap.” Now he prayed the prayers every night for several weeks or month. “Then one night Chuck came to me in a dream again, and he spoke only two words: ‘thank you.’ This was one of my first experiences that told me that maybe there was something more to life than the material.” (Source - Coming Home Network)


Jesus told man to enter “My Church.” After hearing Jesus tell him to enter "My Church," this man asked Jesus what Church He was referring to.  Jesus answered, “You will know My Church by four marks: One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic.” (Source: scroll to “nickkname”)


Jesus said “Here I am” to atheist Kirsten Powers. In her article in Christianity Today, Powers says that in the past she “derided Christians as anti-intellectual bigots.” On a trip to Taiwan in 2006, “I woke up in what felt like a strange cross between dream and reality. Jesus came to me and said, ‘Here I am.’” Now she is an evangelical Christian. She is a columnist for Newsweek, a contributor for USA Today and a Democratic commentator at Fox News.


Beautiful conversion story of Lynn Anderson – Unfortunately, the web site where I found her story several years ago no longer exists, but I had printed out her five-page story, entitled “Come Dance with Me.”  The story starts with her senior year in high school in her hometown of Clendenin, West Virginia. When she enters her Methodist church, “it was filled with a golden light” and “the presence of the Spirit was so real to me.”

Twelve years later, now a college graduate, she was in the same church when she suddenly could see through the organ pipes to a beautiful vision of a serene sunlit forest. “The only way through the forest was to follow the stream – the living water. When the walk through the forest was ended, it opened up into a beautiful flower filled meadow enhanced by a gentle breeze.”

But the most profound experience of her story is when she visits a Catholic church. At Communion time, she sees and hears the priest saying, “The Body of Christ” over and over.   “I glance away, when I look back, I see a different figure with long dark hair, clad in white robes. His back is to me. He is facing the people distributing Communion . . . He is now saying, “This is My Body.”

I hope Lynn reposts this story because it is beautiful!


The shocking conversion story of “peter1589.”    Beware: pass over this story if you are not prepared to read the gory details of this man’s filthy sins of the past – sins he committed prior to his conversion, which occurred after a demon screamed, “I will kill you all!”: (Source – scroll to “peter1589”)


More conversion stories  are available on the awesome website of the Coming Home Network.


Hindu family converts to Catholic faith after a woman’s husband was cured. First she went to church and heard a voice say, “Daughter, haven’t you come here to pray? Pray.” And “Daughter, call me at the earliest! I am only waiting to hear your call.” Then, the woman’s husband was cured. The woman was Geetha Satyan, whose son is studying to become a Catholic priest. Source


Blaise Pascal, the famous mathematician and inventor of the 17th century, had quite a conversion experience: describes the event like this: “On this day, November 23, 1654, Pascal's horses bolted and plunged off a bridge. Pascal was thrown into the roadway. He saw this as a warning directly from God. That night he experienced a Christian conversion that would cause his outstanding scientific work to take second place in his pursuits. Light flooded his room. He recognized Jesus, the Word. For the rest of his life Pascal carried around a piece of parchment sewn into his coat--a parchment inscribed with ecstatic phrases . . .” (Source “Blaise Pascal’s Conversion” by Diana Severance, Ph.D.) This article contains the actual text that Pascal kept with him after that day of conversion.


Patty Bonds – Out of Darkness: Little did this woman know what mystical experience would occur after she prayed and asked the Lord what it would be like to be with Him in heaven. She writes: “I saw myself, an imperfect human, leaving this world and moving heavenward. As heaven approached, the radiance of His Presence had the same effect that a fire has on an object that gets close. Eventually anything flammable ignited and burned away. All that was left was imperishable and pure. I could see myself passing from my imperfect state in this life to the brilliance of His presence with the smoke of all my imperfection trailing behind me as I flew to the arms of my Heavenly Father. I had seen the fires of Purgatory and they held no fear for me.”  (This is from pages 13 to 14 of Patty Bond’s beautiful conversion story, entitled Out of Darkness). Also check out page 8 where she describes attending her  very first Mass: “I had never felt Him as powerfully as I did at that moment. I lost touch with most of what was happening around me . . . I stood there bathed in the light of His breathtaking Presence.”


Brian Besong became Catholic – Brian tells his story on EWTN’s Journey Home. But his sister’s conversion story is also interesting. Their mom had a dream. The man in the dream turned out to be Cardinal John Henry Newman, a famous convert to Catholicism, who the mother had never even heard of. It turned out Brian’s sister had asked God for a dream that very night to show if the Catholic Church was true.  The man in the dream was a priest who was glowing while saying the Mass. Brian now has a PhD in philosophy.  Journey Home – Marcus Grodi interviews Brian Besong (aired 11/5/2012). 

From Calvin to Catholicism – Conversion Story of Brian Besong   Brian Besong’s homepage


Joy Pinto –  While Joy was praying to God for help one day (while she was still an Episcopalian), she heard a voice say, “My mother can help you.”  Joy admits that she “didn’t really know Mary and I really didn’t need to know Mary” but she went to see a Catholic priest who advised her to think of Mary as a prayer partner in heaven. Joy started asking Mary to pray for her. Today Joy and her husband have a tv program on EWTN. This story was a little piece of her conversion story as told during her interview with Marcus Grodi on EWTN, aired on Feb. 1, 2010.  Listen to the audio here (the Mary part is about 45 minutes into it).  Joy and Jim Pinto often speak about marriage and family issues on EWTN television shows and radio.   Jim and Joy Pinto   At Home with Jim and Joy

Muslim Woman from Bosnia dreams of Jesus   In her article, “My Dreams of Jesus,” this Bosnian-American woman named Emina Melonic relates a life-changing dream in which a cross rises up from the ground. She finds herself floating towards the cross, and then sees a man wearing a white robe walks toward her. For some reason, she fell to her knees.  Jesus touched her. She woke up. Emina, now a believer, became a U.S. citizen in 2003.  


The number of incidents of Muslims saying that Jesus came to them in a dream has exploded in recent years. In fact, books and websites are focusing on this phenomenon. There is also a facebook page collecting these stories.


Here’s one more story as reported by the Thai Muslims website.  A Muslim woman from Thailand found herself in an open field and felt a great peace in her heart. She saw a bright light and then saw a “man wearing a white robe that seemed to shine. There was so much of joy and love that flooded in her heart ….” She knew it was Jesus (source).


There are so many of these dreams and visions of Jesus being reported in Muslim countries that they have been dubbed “Isa Dreams.”  In Arabic, Isa refers to Jesus, and in many of the dreams, Jesus called himself “Isa.”


Finally, check out this blog post by Susan Brinkmann mentioning the ISIS fighter who gave up killing Christians after Jesus told him in a dream, “You are killing my people.”



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