Analysis of Double Rainbow Guy


The Story of Double Rainbow Guy

If you somehow missed it in 2010, take a look at the original footage of the famous Yosemite rainbow that went viral (video at this link). You will see Paul “Bear” Vasquez, known as "Double Rainbow Guy," gushing with joy and awe and even breaking into a cry in the presence of the full rainbow  – two  full rainbows to be precise – outside his mobile home in Yosemite. The rainbow occurred January 8, 2010, and remained in place for at least an hour.

The nature lover asks aloud, “What does it mean?! What does it mean?!”  and gushes, “Oh my God. It’s full on! Double rainbow all the way!”  What is not visible in the video is that Paul felt the force of God push him to the ground.

Also, although the rainbow appears beautiful on video, Vasquez says the colors picked up on camera pale in comparison to what he witnessed with his naked eye. Paul wrote, "The camera could not capture the vivid intensity and brightness" of the rainbow.

Also not evident from the video is the fact that rainbows had been coming to Vasquez repeatedly prior to this one. In fact, by the time the mother of all rainbows showed itself, he had been telling friends for a while he thought something big was on its way – he just couldn’t figure out what it was.  

When it did come, the rainbow was not just for him, but for everybody; it was seen by millions around the world. With his video having gone viral, Paul found himself bombarded with media requests and opportunities to explain the message of the rainbow. He even was flown to Iceland to speak to students there.

Another fascinating part of the story is that in the moments before the rainbow appeared, Vasquez had completed typing an email saying he felt like the Old Testament prophet Noah (because his self-sustaining property seemed like an ark that could support life even in the midst of a disaster).

Just after he hit the "send" button, his house filled with color and he saw the rainbow. As with all true signs from God, impeccable timing presented itself. Furthermore, the giant semi-circle formed by the rainbow (between the ground and rainbow) was filled in with color, giving Vasquez the impression of a large eye – the eye of God. Paul has publicly marveled that only God could have an eye that large.

          As of 2015, the video had snagged more than 40 million views on youtube.  The famous rainbow of Jan. 8, 2010, appeared outside his home outside Yosemite National Park in California and stretched from one canyon to another.     (Double Rainbow video. Double rainbow wiki)

 Paul “Bear” Vasquez, a father and former firefighter, wants people to know he was not high or under the influence of any substance in the video –his amazement stemmed purely from the power and beauty of God’s rainbow, which literally pushed him to the ground.

The mountain dweller has noted that what people cannot see in the video is that once he walks past the tree (which initially blocks the rainbow’s view) and comes into “the full power of” the rainbow, “it felt like a giant hand pushed me to the ground, because I was touched by God. And he was saying, ‘You can’t stand here. You’ve got to sit down in my presence’” (Source  The Daily Dot July 19, 2012).

It is the power from above that makes Vasquez scream “Whoah! Oh my God! Oh my God! . . . Wooooo” and makes him cry on tape.  The many television outlets that aired the footage include Nightline, CNN, Jimmy Kimmel show and the Jimmy Fallon show. A year before the appearance of  the legendary “Double Rainbow,” Paul and his son witnessed a memorable “Single Rainbow” at the same site.

           Paul was born in Los Angeles, married a Native American, and moved to Yosemite in 1985, where he fell in love with nature, organic living, and Native American spirituality and culture. Although his marriage ended after three years, he continued immersing himself in the culture his wife had introduced to him – his life is replete with native ceremonies such as waking up a bear and later putting it back to sleep. His two children are Yosemite Indians and work in the park.

“I shot a video of God,” he tells people. God's rainbow was seen around the world and God's message of the rainbow (as viewed by Paul) has been heard around the world. There is even an Icelandic filmmaker who began making a documentary about the message of the Yosemite rainbow.


Double Rainbow guy (explanation of original video):  Now that you’ve seen the video, take a look at Vasquez’ subsequent explanation of the meaning of the rainbow and the meaning of his passionate reaction to the rainbow on video. Post-rainbow video here – Double Rainbow Explained.   Icelandic documentary about Vasquez rainbow

Quotes by Double Rainbow Guy

“When I shot the double rainbow…I had just finished writing an email saying how I felt like I was  Noah because of my organic farm and my greenhouses and my own well . . .   It’s kind of a self-sustaining little area there . . . it felt like an ark. It made me feel like I was Noah. When I sent that email, my house fills with color. And I turned on my camera and that’s the video. You also have to know that rainbows had been coming to me with ever-increasing frequency. And when I said, “What does it mean?” I’m questioning why these rainbows are coming to me. What does it mean that the rainbows are coming to me all the time. And this one right here looks like a giant eye. I figured only God could have an eye that big . . . I recognized that I was in the presence of God because I had just gotten finished saying . . . that I felt like a prophet of God like Noah who saw a rainbow. So, God’s visiting me right after I said I was like a prophet of God. And that’s why I’m questioning, “What does it mean?” … Why does God choose to be in my presence? Why does God choose to look upon me? I realized that it was something – that it meant something. I didn’t know what it was and that’s why I questioned it.  . ."

"I was not me saying all that stuff . . . it was flowing through me. God was speaking to and through me. And it’s because I have this message . . . The messages are the responses to the double rainbow video.  . . . A double rainbow is a mirror of itself . . . so my video is a mirror for the people watching it. It’s a mirror into your soul. So what you see in my video, that’s in you . . .”

          Later, during his talk at Berkeley, Paul recounted how people wanted to pay him a lot of money to put ads on his video link of the rainbow, but he turned down all the money, saying “That’s God. I can’t put ads on God.”  Giving up the money was a sacrifice for Vasquez, who had been making less than $6,000 per year.  At the University of Calif., Berkeley, he also mentions that trying to hold the camera was difficult because the rainbow was so powerful and had pushed him to the ground: “I’m flat on my ass.”   

Paul believes God’s messages to humanity via the rainbow are “love your fellow man,” “love is the most important thing,”   “walk gently on Mother Earth,”  “don’t be materialistic,” and “connect your spirit” (simply by loving your fellow man or being in nature).

Paul humbly says that he is only “a servant of humanity.”   Paul had already been living a notably non-materialistic life dedicated to “serving my fellow man.”  He said he has always made it a point to not take flights just for luxury travel to avoid gobbling up the massive natural resources used for plane fuel.

The Yosemite resident “made myself a vessel for spirit and have dedicated myself to serving my fellow man and not using up the resources needed by others  . . . and so much flows through you when you do that.”

Vasquez' wording of his perspective and his understanding of theological truths may not live up to the  doctrinal requirements of the Church, but he seems to grasp at least one kernel of truth – that by giving up our own ambitions and focusing only on serving God and others, we allow God to work through us. The Bible says that we can do nothing without Him (but with Him, we can do everything)

          At Berkeley, Paul also mused that because his property supported his own farm, about thirty fruit trees, a vegetable garden, greenhouses, and the water well, with everything allowing him to grow his own food, it all felt like an “ark” to him, and that this ark would truly be a sanctuary if all hell broke loose.

In fact, just as he was writing an email saying he felt like Noah (a prophet who received a rainbow from God), his house filled with color. A vivid full rainbow – plus a second rainbow on top which was the mirror image of the first – had formed on his property What does it all mean? Double Rainbow guy formulated this conclusion before his audience at Berkeley: “It seems to me like there’s gonna be a big change coming.”


Analysis of Double Rainbow and Paul Vasquez:


Could the powerful rainbow – whose image was seen around the world – be hinting of a global change that will come over the Earth?  Will we soon be living in an era of peace, love and simplicity?


Is Paul Vasquez a Noah type whose commitment to living humbly and sparingly off the Earth is a model for how we are all expected to live now and after that change?


How does the message of Vasquez (not a Christian, though he believes in God and demonstrates reverence for Him) compare and harmonize with saintly Catholic mystics who have also been heralding a change to come – a change that will affect the globe and all people on Earth? Catholic mystics have consistently been forecasting a purification of Earth during which God would establish a less evil and more peaceful humanity.


A long line of holy people – including mystics and cloistered nuns held in high respect by the Catholic Church – have been saying a great miracle affecting all human beings is “at the door.” Many are predicting a great “illumination of the soul” that will allow all humans to see their own soul as God sees it and which will remove all doubt in people’s minds as to God’s existence and Jesus’ saving work on the cross. A spiritual purification of the human race and a renewed Earth on which humans would live harmoniously and with love are said to be approaching quickly.


The Blessed Mother told Servant of God Maria Esperanza, “A great moment is approaching – a great day of light!”  Several recipients of near-death experiences corroborate these ideas, recounting visions of a newly restored planet in which people live in harmony and peace, living in community, sharing everything, while taking only what they need.


One thing that many of these visionaries agree on is that people everywhere will suddenly receive a great grace with their hearts suddenly being illuminated with a great light from the Holy Spirit allowing them see the goodness of God, even to the point of seeing that Jesus has saved them.


Sadly, those who are very far from God at that time would be shocked so intensely as to not survive the light, and presumably would be cast into hell. Perhaps this is why Mary and Jesus have delayed the time of chastisement – so that more souls can be saved. To Saint Faustina, Jesus said, "I am prolonging the time of mercy for the sake of sinners. But woe to them if they do not recognize this time of My visitation." [Diary of St. Faustina, # 1160].


          The upcoming global event will result in the uniting of all humans under the original Church founded by Jesus. Many say God will accomplish the conversion of hearts through the Blessed Mother.


Intriguingly, Elizabeth Kindelmann’s messages from Jesus and Mary (which were granted an imprimatur by Cardinal Peter Erdo) make a connection between the Biblical Noah and a flame that will ignite our hearts when the heavenly event occurs. The Lord told Kindelmann, “The Grace from the flame of love of My Mother’s Immaculate Heart will be to your generation what Noah’s Ark was to Noah.” [1] The Lord also told her, “My Mother is Noah’s ark” (109). 


Mary told Kindelmann that her flame of love would be so powerful that her love would “destroy the satanic hatred that contaminates the world . . . Nothing like this has existed before. This is my greatest miracle that I will do for all . .  . I will authenticate the miracle in each soul. All will recognize the outpouring of the Flame of Love” (p. 44-45). This flame, Mary told Kindelmann, “will become a fire, and with its shining light, this fire will blind Satan” (19).


          The previously mentioned idea of a restored Earth was also conveyed by Jesus to Kindelmann, who wrote that “the face of the Earth will be renewed.”


She received a message about the rarity of the upcoming event:  “something like this has not happened since the Word became Flesh.” Kindelmann adds that “Earth, although flooded with sufferings, will be renewed by Our Lady’s intercession” (p. 61).


As a result of a great jolt of faith that awakes the world from darkness, “people will believe and will create a new world” (61). On Dec. 2, 1963, Mary promised Kindelmann that “a great outpouring of graces will change the world” (118).







           During his near-death experience in heaven, American nightclub owner Ned Dougherty was also shown that “End Times did not mean the end of the world. It meant the end of the world as we know it, but it also meant the beginning of a new world.” (Fast Lane, p. 83).  In the presence of the Virgin Mary (or “Lady of Light”), Ned Dougherty was shown the earthly landscape of the future during his 1984 experience. The landscape was “barely discernible, almost mystical, like a dream world” (Fast Lane, p. 83).


            Viewing a scene representing several decades after the year 2000, Dougherty saw even in the northeastern United States a “garden setting” and a warmer climate spawning a mix of tropical plants, and pine, birch and spruce trees. The trees and plants “had a life force of energy coursing through them; even the blades of grass seemed to be vibrantly alive. All things had energy and life in this place and were all interconnected by some greater design and source of energy. It seemed as if all the plant life was communicating an energy, an energy of life. I absorbed this energy willingly, recognizing that the energy of this place had special healing powers that I wanted to absorb. I felt that I was one with nature, and that everything in nature . . . consisted of a universal energy that was meant to be shared” (Fast Lane, p. 84). On this newly restored Earth, “nature was now in harmony with God’s plan” (84).


Death is Joyous for Future Humankind

        Like NDE recipient Harold Storm, Ned Dougherty speaks of a whole new attitude towards dying that is prevalent in the future of humanity. According to Dougherty, the Blessed Mother showed him a scene of an elderly man “peacefully and serenely preparing to die” in a beautiful moment between that father and his son: “There was no sadness between them, for the act of dying was no longer viewed with sadness and fear. In this new era of mankind, death was  . . . the transitional process between the soul’s journey on Earth and the spiritual afterlife. It was one of the many changes that separated the new world from the old” (Fast Lane, p. 85).



          Writing about the miracle that will affect all of humankind, Kindelmann wrote, “On March 27, the Lord said that the Spirit of Pentecost will flood the earth with his power and a great miracle will gain the attention of all humanity. This will be the effect of grace of the Flame of love. Due to a lack of faith, earth is entering into darkness, but earth will experience a great jolt of faith. People will believe and will create a new world” (Kindelmann, The Flame of Love, p. 61).



Individuals will lives simply

              As mentioned previously, Howard Storm was given a vision of Earth in which people owned nothing; for people needed nothing (all human needs were fulfilled, with prayer having the capability of growing food and healing the sick in just minutes and with gifts from God such as bilocation, telepathic communication and human control of matter and energy).       Video of Howard Storm


Many other visionaries also project great simplicity of life in the future.


Author Nicky Eltz: “You tell me that an era of peace will be coming to us but only after something very big happens for the conversion of humanity. Will this era of peace also include a complete redistribution of wealth?






Blessed Mother has a great role in End Times

As he watched scenes of End Times unfold, Ned Dougherty recognized the Virgin Mary’s “place and prominence in the sequence of events that were to take place during the End Times.”


Maria Esperanza also predicted that the Mother of God would be the “vanguard of this global reconciliation and renewal” who would gather up the children of the world and “present them to her Son as one human family” (Fr. Timothy E. Byerly, Maria Esperanza and the Grace of Betania, p. 308).


Referring to the unity of the future world under God, Maria Esperanza has said “the Church will spread out its arms to invite everyone in, so that all can take refuge in this Church because Jesus wants it that way …. And our Mother wants this” (Byerly, 308).


Saint Pope John Paul II also believed it would be through Mary that a victory of love would be accomplished in this world: “Christ will conquer through her, because he wants the Church’s victories now and in the future to be linked to her” (Crossing the Threshold of Hope by Pope John Paul II, 221)


The purification in modern times

        Instead of through total destruction of the human population, the purification of modern times will come about through a flame of love that enlightens all souls on Earth and increases their love by a supernatural grace. Maria Esperanza, who received many messages from the Blessed Mother during approved apparitions in Venezuela, spoke of “rivers of supernatural light” that would allow us to feel God’s “Presence deep in our hearts – the divine spark that will awaken our conscience, to help us realize that God is everything and we are nothing without Him” (The Bridge to Heaven, xiii).


           “It’s going to improve, the evil in man,” Maria Esperanza explained. “People are beginning to meditate and reflect, and new ways will be opened. Jesus will be present among us. He is making Himself present among us. We will see Him in glory with rays of light. He will brighten us with His rays – the whole world” (Michael H. Brown, The Bridge to Heaven, 64).


          According to Esperanza, Mary has said the world cannot go on much longer in the state it is in, but we are now in “special times” (65). Esperanza said the Lord promised that her property in Venezuela, called “Betania” – was promised for these times as a sacred spot where her children could take refuge at the time of the coming justice or a “moment of great difficulty and calamity in the world” (42, 66).


Betania will be a “point of unity for humanity, a point of reconciliation and peace with much love” that will lead to the renewed society (Byerley 117, 260). In fact, in Mary’s first message to Maria Esperanza, she said Betania would serve as “a renewal of the city of God” and could renew the hearts of whoever draws near.


          A candidate for sainthood in the Catholic Church, Maria Esperanza property, named “Betania,” was the site of bishop-approved apparitions of the Virgin Mary.





An Era of Peace

Maria Esperanza described a coming era of peace: “When the world believes in God and accepts Jesus, loving Him, and loving those who have denied Him – loving everyone – how beautiful will the world be! It will be a paradise!  There will not be persecutions or wars or sicknesses like we are seeing now, for example AIDS and so many other awful illnesses. We will live in peace and nature will flourish. It will be resplendent” (Brown, The Bridge to Heaven, 51).




Before we proceed, here are bios of some visionaries mentioned on this page for your reference:


Elizabeth Kindelmann (1913-1985) – Born in Hungary, Kindelmann had six children when she was widowed in 1946.  In 1962, she received a message, “Renounce yourself for We have a great mission for you. You’ll only be able to do it if you completely renounce yourself. You are free to choose. You will accomplish it only if you want it.”


Kindelmann writes, “After experiencing doubts and torments within my soul, I accepted God’s will. My soul was seized with so much grace that I was speechless.” Her spiritual diary, entitled Flame of Love, contains many of the messages she received from the Virgin Mary and Jesus. The messages were granted an imprimatur by Cardinal Peter Erdo. The book’s preface is written by Cardinal Bernardino Echeverría Ruiz.


Here is one summary of the heavenly messages contained in Kindelmann's Flame of Love: The Virgin Mary “obtained from the Eternal Father, by the merits of the Passion of Her Divine Son, a great outpouring of grace like there has never been since the Word of God was incarnated (these words are those of our Blessed Mother). She will blind Satan by the Flame of light and grace which spouts out of Her Immaculate Heart. This Flame must ignite all the hearts, even of those who do not belong to the Catholic Church

(source: Flame of Love). 

             Our collaboration with Mary in this work is essential. “Our Blessed Mother cries, begs, prays, and asks us for prayers, sacrifices, holy hours in the family, fasts, in order to help Her in this fight against the evil one.” (source:  Flame of Love)


Maria Esperanza de Bianchini (1928-2004) – This Venezuelan visionary was a wife and mother of seven who has been named a Servant of God. Her case for beatification and canonization by the Catholic Church was opened by Bishop Paul Bootkoski of the Diocese of Metuchen. She and her husband, Geo, bought a farm that became the site of apparitions of the Virgin Mary. The apparitions were approved as authentic by her bishop.


Maria Simma (1915-2004): Maria Simma of Austria got most of her information from the souls who appeared to her from purgatory. The souls visiting Maria always wanted something from this holy woman – namely, prayers, sacrifices, and suffering on their behalf to gain their release from purgatory (p. 183).


While the souls were in her home, Simma took the opportunity to ask them questions – questions about everything from what happens just after death to which sins earn the most time in purgatory. The visits began in 1940 and continued to happen even when author Nicky Eltz visited her in 1991.


In 1954, Simma was visited by at least one soul every night. Simma, who lived in the mountainous village of Sonntag, Austria, had the support of her bishop – Bishop Bruno Wechner (1908-1999) of Feldkirch, Austria – in her ministry. Countless souls appeared her in her home, many of them divulging fascinating stories and facts learned directly from their experiences in purgatory. To read her whole story, read Get Us Out of Here!! (2002) by Nicky Eltz who interviewed Simma for the book on Jan. 1, 1991.


Ned Dougherty – In 1984, former nightclub operator Ned Dougherty from Long Island had a powerful near-death experience during which he said he visited heaven. Afterward, he profoundly changed his life. Later, while walking on a woodsy path at a Marian shrine in NY, he had an encounter with a “Lady of Light” who was revealed to be the Virgin Mary. He gave up his hedonistic and lustful existence and became a man of prayer. He re-joined the Catholic faith of his youth and today goes to daily Mass.


Even today, Dougherty says he continues to receive messages it the form of interior locutions from St. Michael, the Blessed Mother, and Jesus which he publishes in his End Times Daily.  His spiritual director is Father Paul J. Lehman. Fr. Lehman serves on the board of directors of Mission of Angels (Ned Dougherty is president). His experience is described in his book Fast Lane to Heaven: Celestial Encounters that Changed my Life (2001). He wrote this letter to Pope Francis.

          Dougherty said he received a message from St. Michael Archangel that was “a scolding declaration to the people of the United States of America to return to God and God’s plan to avoid disastrous circumstances from happening.” The nation that the United States has become since its founding was not the one God had intended for it, according to Dougherty.


Video – Ned Dougherty on Future of the United States   Michael H. Brown’s articles on Ned Dougherty







CONCLUSION - What is the significance of Double Rainbow Guy?


Vasquez correctly interpreted the rainbow's meaning when he said, “It seems to me like there’s gonna be a big change coming.” He also foresees some sort of destruction of modern cities or society in the near future, and believes God wishes humanity to be united. Finally, Vasquez correctly deduced that his own style of living has something to do with God’s plans for how people would live in the future.


Vazquez appears content to make only a few thousand dollars per year and to live on the land with few luxuries. He had no desire for attention – the attention came knocking on his door. His instincts that humans are called to “love your fellow man” and that “love is the most important thing” are correct. The Bible is clear that we will be judged by our love.


When Vasquez says the message to the world is to  "love your fellow man like that's God, then that makes God happy," he comes very close to the Christian belief that giving a hungry person food or drink equates to giving Jesus the same. In fact Jesus said that on Judgment Day, "Truly I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of my brethren, you did it to me." (See Matthew 25: 35-40).


Vasquez wisely contemplates that God desires all people to live in a “less greedy” way that is ecologically sustainable. His rainbow in Yosemite was not just for him – it was for everybody. Just as everyone will be affected by the Flame of Love and just as everyone will see Jesus coming in the clouds much later on Judgment Day, Vasquez’s rainbow  was seen on a global scale.


To refresh your memory, Mary's Flame of Love - which is Jesus Christ Himself - will ignite all human hearts (not just Catholics, not just Christians, but the whole world). In fact, the Blessed Mother specifically told Kindelmann that her flame of love would surround the planet, excluding no one.


Mary said, “The Flame will ignite and will reach the whole world, not only in the nations consecrated to me, but all over the earth. It will spread out even in the most inaccessible places, because there is no place inaccessible to Satan."


Therefore, it makes sense that the messengers chosen by God to warn the world of the coming event would include not only Catholics but also people like Double Rainbow Guy Paul Vasquez.


Although the truth of the Gospel has not fully been expounded to Vasquez or the Yosemite native culture in which he established himself, Vasquez’ life conforms to at least some Biblical principles. He lives humbly, respects God and His Creation, and rejects materialism.


Rainbows had been coming to Vasquez for a while. During the last rainbow – which came precisely when he had finished typing an email saying he felt like Noah – Vasquez was pushed to the ground by God’s power. Vazquez is not far off track when he muses that his self-sustaining farm – which included animals, a greenhouse, and a well for drawing water – resembles a figurative Ark that could help people survive.


          God said to Noah, “When I bring clouds over the earth and the bow is seen in the clouds, I will remember my covenant which is between me and you and every living creature of all flesh; and the waters shall never again become a flood to destroy all flesh. When the bow is in the clouds, I will look upon it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is upon the earth” (Genesis 9: 14-16).


         A change is on the horizon. But it will not bring destruction upon all of humanity through a flood. Instead, the not-so-distant event will bring purification and enlightenment – a human family living harmoniously in the world in the way God planned from the beginning.


         Double Rainbow Guy correctly interprets many things and hits the target in his assessment that his rainbow was from God and that a big change is on its way for those on Earth.



Update on Paul L. Vasquez


Since 2010, Vasquez has produced hundreds of beautiful videos (including  Full Moon Rise of  7/1/15), Super Moon Eve of 8/8/14), and Moon Rise of 9/9/14).

Paul believes the panoramic view of the mountains from his home serves as a sort of television screen on which God paints visions for Paul to see and interpret.


Paul believes God has been showing him scenes lately which foreshadow mass destruction, including the possible burning of the city of Los Angeles.


The omens of burning and destruction have included “the moon rising in the clouds in my front yard” which “looked like a city burning.” The moon omen occurred on his 50th birthday “right after a double rainbow appeared to thousands of people in San Francisco,” Vasquez writes (source: Visions of Destruction).


Another ominous scene consisted of a fiery sunset  resembling a city burning which he captured while riding in a car with his daughter on Sept. 9, 2012.  He named the video Vision of Destruction.


In his narration of the sunset video, Paul raves, "Wow, there's that same thing, man, of it’s burning, right? We saw that in the moon last night. Man, I'm telling you. It was like – you know what I said? I said, 'That looks like LA burning.’ …that’s what it looks like, man. I know, that’s trippy man. LA is burning. That was the next video that came out after Double Rainbow. Did you know that?”

His daughter Irene begs him to stop voicing such haunting prophesies. Paul responds:

“I don’t want it to happen. But it seems like it’s gonna.” He adds, “That totally looks like that’s on fire.”


And if the solar and lunar illusions of fire were not enough, in 2013, he also capture a real fire on video from his home (see Double Rainbow Fire of 6/16/13)

Flames shot up hundreds of feet towards the sky near Yosemite National Park, soaring over hundred-foot ponderosa pine trees and burning at least 1,600 acres. About 1,900 residents were evacuated from their homes (more info at Double Rainbow Guy Catches Yosemite Fire on Camera: ‘I Fear Nothing’, Huffington Post, 6/18/13).


Vasquez told CNN, "Think about it: If God wanted to give a message to humanity, would he give it to a president? No. He would give to a humble farmer in Yosemite," Vasquez says. "God is confirming that I am like Noah. That's what's going on in the [rainbow] video . . . I'm supposed to unite humanity under the rainbow”  (Source: CNN, “Double Rainbow Guy of YouTube fame: Where is he now, man?” 11/5/15).

Will humanity be united in the very near future? A long list of Catholic mystics says that humanity will be united in one Christian brotherhood, and that all will live harmoniously with one another in the House of God.They believe this will happen not gradually or over the long term, but suddenly and imminently, perhaps in the next two years.


The ark that God is sending this time to save us is the Blessed Virgin Mary, according to saints and blessed of the Catholic Church. The rainbow reminds us of God’s covenant to Noah, that God will not again destroy the whole world by flood.

While God's plans remain a mystery to him, Paul does sense that human culture is about to change, and that God has a desire and plan for the uniting of humanity. Paul understands that human beings have a role in ushering in the coming era of unity and peace on Earth while rebuilding the Kingdom of God.



                 Noah's Sacrifice
Noah's Sacrifice

Meaning of Noah’s Rainbow (the first rainbow)

          After destroying the world by flood, God made a covenant with Abraham and all future generations to never again destroy the whole human population through flood. God gave a rainbow as a sign of this covenant (Genesis 9:13) and said that whenever the rainbow “is seen in the clouds, I will remember my covenant” (Gen. 9:14-15). Prior to the Great Flood, the people on Earth were the most wicked they had ever been. But now the world is now even more wicked that at the time of the Flood, if one considers what saints and the Blessed Mother have said in apparitions. The world has merited destruction.


Meanwhile, rainbows have been manifesting themselves everywhere as a reminder that God will not destroy all of us. God will need to do something different this time to achieve the purification of his people. In this modern age, the Ark that will save humanity by leading people to the Lord is not a wooden boat but rather the Blessed Mother.


Mary has said so herself: “I am the anchor. I have anchored here. I am the Ark and I want to lead my children to the Lord,” she said during her apparitions in San Nicolas, Argentina, in the 1980s. The local bishop approved the apparitions to visionary Gladys Quiroga de Motta in 2016 and had granted an imprimatur to the messages in 1990   (the previous quote was message #327 of Oct. 14, 1984).


During a later apparition in San Nicolas, Mary said, "My daughter, in this time, I am the Ark, for all your brethren! I am the Ark of peace, the Ark of salvation, the Ark where my children must enter, if they wish to live in the Kingdom of God. (Feb. 6, 1987).


Gladys Quiroga recorded that Jesus himself told her, “Previously the world was saved with Noah's Ark.   Today the Ark is My Mother. By means of Her the souls will be saved because It will bring them towards Me.  Whoever rejects My Mother, rejects Me” (12/30/89, San Nicolas, Argentina).


Jesus has said that through his mother’s flame, “even the hardened sinner will have a conversion” (Kindelmann, 65).


God desires the human family to live peacefully, harmoniously, and humbly according to His laws. In his great mercy, God will reach out to this world which the Virgin Mary described as going through “the calm before the storm, like a volcano about to explode . . . the crater of hatred is boiling. I, the beautiful Ray of Dawn, will blind Satan . . . My flame of Love will now be lit” (Kindelmann, 62).



What will the restored Earth look like in the distant future?


One detailed description comes to us from Harold Storm, a former atheist who had a credible near-death experience that made him a believer. Today he is a Protestant pastor and author of My Descent into Death. While in heaven, he spoke to Jesus and the angels, who told him, “The world is at the beginning of a major transformation. It will be a spiritual revolution that will affect every person in the world” (44).


Storm found himself in a beautiful place identified to him as the Earth of the future –  a future just a couple hundreds years from now. He found himself in a woodsy garden that was tended by people in garb reminiscent of Native Americans. The new world centered around familial love: “Everyone spent the majority of their time with the children, teaching them about love and the wonders of the natural world. They didn’t make any distinction between work and play. They all participated in child-rearing and teaching as the most important activity of their lives” (45).


Furthermore, there was no technology – nor any need for technology – in this place because fruits and vegetables could be grown in minutes just by sitting and praying next to plants. Storm explains, “People raised food by sitting next to plants and communing with them.”


During his NDE, Captain Dale Black witnessed a “chorus of flowers” that seemed to be praising God in heaven. Heaven’s grass had a green color that seemed “alive, slightly transparent and emitting light and life from within each blade” (Flight to Heaven, 2010).


Similarly, Storm saw that in the future world, animals lived peacefully with humans. This, too, is a common theme among eye- witnesses to heaven. For example, four-year-old Colton Burpo saw a friendly lion during his time in heaven, while  Akiane said that heaven’s animals “listen to me” and are “not afraid of me, so I can pet them whenever I want” (Akiane, p.11).


The idea of friendly animals is also found in Scripture: “The wolf shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid, and the calf and the lion and the fatling together, and a little child shall lead them.The cow and the bear shall feed; their young shall lie down together; and the lion shall eat straw like the ox. The sucking child shall play over the hole of the asp, and the weaned child shall put his hand on the adder’s den (Isaiah 11:6-8). (note: an asp is a venomous snake; an adder is a viper).


        The angels told Storm that although people on the future Earth will get sick, “the treatment for disease will always be successful. People will gather around the person in need of help and through prayer, touch and meditation the disease will be cured” (45). Ovens and microwaves will apparently not be needed in the future; Storm saw families eating their food as it rose out of the ground within minutes after praying for it, and without having to prepare anything. God provided.


          Storm saw that people lived in communities with different cultures all over the future world. Visionary Maria Esperanza also spoke of the future as having “communities all over the world. We will live in communities” (The Bridge to Heaven, xii). “I feel that here on earth, we will have beautiful things in the future that will resemble, will reflect the things of heaven … beautiful cities that are going to be built in a resemblance of heaven, like the coming of God’s kingdom …” (The Bridge to Heaven, xii).


          Other highlights of the future, according to Storm, besides dressing simply and eating only what is needed included  1) people speaking telepathically to anyone around the globe, although each community also had its own language    2) death was joyful – once a person believed he or she had grown enough spiritually, the person would lie down as his spirit moved towards heaven while his family and friends lovingly gathered around (46)   3) people had no possessions but existed only to love God and one another  4) the climate was dependent on the collective will of all people around the globe      5) God had given people the ability to control matter and energy; people even “explored outer space without moving an inch” (46).


Ability to bilocate – A more common gift in the future in a couple hundred years


As mentioned, the people in Storm’s vision could explore not only Earth but outer space while still sitting at home in their communities. Actually, the idea of holy people being able to reach out to people and places around the globe via bi-location has a long tradition in Christianity. St. Padre Pio (1887-1968) once mused that his own bilocations were “extensions” of his personality.


Other saints known to have bilocated include St. Gerard Majella, St. Anthony of Padua, St. Martin de Porres, St. Severus of Ravenna. And we all know that Jesus would appear to his disciples out of thin air after his Resurrection.


          There is even an ancient tradition that the Virgin Mary, while still alive, bilocated to appear in Zaragosa, Spain, as Our Lady of the Pillar to the Apostle James the Greater to encourage him in his preaching when he was discouraged.


The Virgin Mary also gave the Apostle a small wooden statue of herself which is still kept at the basilica that was constructed on her instructions (In 1456, Pope Calixtus III issued a bull endorsing visits to that basilica, and even today, the feast day of Our Lady of Pillar, October 12, is one of the most biggest religious celebrations of the Church in Spain). Here are paintings by Goya of the Apostle James in the first century adoring the Lady of the Pillar in Spain. Painting #1  Painting #2


          Furthermore, Pope John Paul II and Saint Padre Pio reportedly bilocated from Italy to visit Maria Esperanza in Venezuela. Padre Pio’s bilocations – including one to the United States – were “confirmed by a long list of reputable witnesses, including cardinals. He bilocated to cure people, to save lives from danger, and to offer spiritual support to those in need. While still home in his monastery in San Giovanni, he visited the Vatican, hospital rooms, and even other continents” (Catholicism – Now I Get It! 186).


          “Perhaps the most famous miracle associated with Padre Pio, however, was an occurrence in the sky in the vicinity of San Giovanni Rotondo during World War II. American bomber planes arrived to drop bombs on a target in southern Italy. But more than one pilot encountered a giant monk in the sky who prevented them from following through. Padre Pio had previously promised God’s protection of San Giovanni Rotondo” (Catholicism – Now I Get It! 188).


          If Padre Pio was able to bilocate up to the sky, what would prevent humans from bilocating up to outer space as well. Again, Harold Storm’s statement that the people on the future Earth will possess such abilities is feasible, considering that holy people of the past have done. Thanks to the greater holiness and love that will presumably dominate life on the restored Earth, mystical gifts should be more common among future generations.


Telepathic Conversations

              As mentioned, Storm also indicates that humans on the future Earth will have the ability to communicate telepathically.  The people in heaven seem to already have this gift, according to countless reports by people claiming near-death experiences. In fact, Black himself states he experienced a similar phenomenon in the afterlife, writing, “When I had questions or needed understanding it seemed to be imparted automatically and directly into my heart,” writes Black.


Another near-death-experience recipient, Ned Dougherty, recounts a long conversation with an old friend who had been killed in Vietnam. He realized they had been communicating telepathically, without words. Dougherty writes, “Both thoughts and emotions were being communicated telepathically and spiritually in a manner that far surpassed normal human communication” (Fast Lane to Heaven p. 21).


            The ability to communicate via telepathy was a common experience among the thousands of NDE recipients interviewed by author Jeffrey Long, M.D. 


Meanwhile, Howard Storm has noted that angels spoke to him telepathically, while Dr. Mary C. Neal has mentioned more than fifteen human souls greeted her and communicated thoughts to her as her soul departed from her body after a kayak accident.