Breathtaking video:  Flying with geese over Mont-Saint-Michel in France   Video #2   Video #3  Video #4   Video #5


Stunning video:   Man Flies Around Statue of Liberty using Jetpack  


Miniature Cities around the World (Video#1)    Museum of Miniatures  (At Gulliver’s Gate in New York, trains connect 25 cities around the world. Sites such as the Eiffel Tower, the Coliseum, and Egyptian pyramids were built by artists from their corresponding home countries.)   Video 2 of Gulliver’s Gate    Video 3 of Gulliver’s Gate    Video #4 of Gulliver’s Gate


Playful Bear jumps for joy at Nashville Zoo    backup video (scroll down)    backup video 2



More Fun:  Miniature Wonderland (Germany)      Biggest Model Airport (Germany)


Beautiful video of stars and nature. Timelapse! 


Ten most Beautiful Statues of Christ (Slide show)


Beautiful aerial shots of Venice, Maldives, Manhattan, Dubai . . . admire God’s work!   Aerial1    Aerial2    Aerial3


Virtual Tour of the Sistine Chapel  

Narrated Tour of Sistine Chapel


Awesome Photos

1) Jesus statue unscathed by Typhoon Haiyan


2)  Madonna statue still standing amid rubble in Maribojoc, Bohol after earthquake of 7.2 magnitude in 2013


3)  Fire shows respect for statue of Mary at the El Goloso military base in Spain in 2015     Article 2    Article 3    Infovaticana article 


4) Miracle in Alcantara town church: Mary moves head towards Bohol in 2013 (Cebu, Philippines) (occurred in St. Augustine parish in Población, Alancantara in the Philippines; Virgin Mary turned head to face the suffering people in Bohol, which had suffered a devastating earthquake)


Mystical Places


Video – Ten Most Famous Jesus Statues in World

Photos - Ten Notable Jesus Statues around the World


Famous Catholics


Book Review of "Forty Catholics Who Shaped the World in Which We Live"


Video – Underwater Christ Statue (“Christ of the Abyss”)       Christ of the Abyss (wiki article)  Italian sculptor Guido Galetti created the original underwater Christ statue in the Mediterranean. A replica was later placed in the Florida Keys.



Largest Bolivian Statue of Blessed Mother  This 149-foot statue of the Lady of Socavon was unveiled in 2013 near La Paz, Bolivia. That statue is taller than the Christ statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and stands on a 12,000-foot mountain.  Photo1   Photo2    Photo3    Photo4    Photo5    article



Largest Venezuelan Statue of Blessed Mother This statue (Our Lady of Peace or La Virgen de la Paz) was constructed in a spot where many Venezuelans believed she appeared in 1570.   Article   Article2


Monument of the Holy Mother of God in Haskovo, Bulgaria    Photos here      Cool Bulgaria Tourism Video



Photo of Cross on Matterhorn  (View of Matterhorn and Dent d'Hérensfrom the summit of Tête Blanche, high point of the Haut Route ).  One can walk or ski the Haute Route from Chamonix in France to Zermatt (home of the Matterhorn) in Switzerland   Article on Haute Route


List of Vatican-approved apparitions of Virgin Mary

List of bishop-approved apparitions of Virgin Mary


Saints Who Raised the Dead by Father Albert J. Hebert  (True Stories of 400 Resurrection Miracles)



Marian Apparitions and the Stages of Authentication in the Church


St. Francis Xavier raises man to life


List of miracle stories                                                        

Mother Angelica Live! (View dozens of episodes here)


Pope Francis in USA (2015)

Video Footage: Pope Francis on Ben Franklin Parkway (Philly 2015)

Video Footage: Pope Francis at Independence Hall  (Philly 2015)


Video Footage: Pope Francis in Washington, D.C. (2015)

Video: "Philly Without Cars" (shot papal weekend 2015)


Texas woman in wheelchair healed by Jesus through Vietnamese Christian healer Paul Ai on May 4, 2014. After Pastor Ai prayed, she could walk again. Paul Ai had spent ten years in communist prisons for planting Christian churches.  The woman says she felt something “strange” as her wheelchair rolled by the healer. Her pastor, Brent Williams, was present for the miracle and says that previously her body was “ravaged; she was a shell of a human being.” Her family confirms the unexpected cure. Jesus healed Texas woman   Miracle in Texas Woman 


This video tells the story of one-year-old Emma who would point to angels and say a person had visited her. She referred to this person as “The Man.” One day at church, the little girl pointed up at a stained-glass window image of Jesus and said, “There’s the man!”


In 2013, 69th miracle at Lourdes is officially recognized by Vatican    Danila Castelli received the miracle  In this video, the director of medical bureau of Lourdes explains rigorous process in decision.


Bottles of Lourdes water available here (It is customary to donate $3.50 per bottle to defray their costs of bottling and shipping. The ministry is conducted by the Marist Fathers).


Vatican Exhibit of Eucharistic Miracles   (Scroll down to “Miracles by Country)


Video – Commercial for Catholic Church


Apparition of Virgin Mary appeared to Sister Agnes in Japan in 1973    Lady of Akita(miraclehunter.com)   The apparitions in Akita (ewtn)



www.MiracleHunter.com  - This is the most comprehensive and thorough online site on apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The site provides dates, details, the stories, and the messages from Mary. The website was created and researched by Michael O’Neill, a graduate of Stanford University in mechanical engineering, who is frequently quoted in television and newspaper pieces. O'Neill has cataloged all credible Marian apparitions of the last two millenniums and their degree of approval by the Church.



Marian Apparitions of the 20th and 21st Centuries   (University of Dayton site) - a briefer site with a comprehensive list of approved and unapproved recent Marian apparitions.


Religious Shrines you can visit this Weekend (click on the cross for info). More shrines here


www.piusmedia.com (Catholic DVD rental club)


Trailer to the 1952 Lady of Fatima Movie     


Saint Bernadette (watch the full movie here! Lourdes apparition!)


Largest Catholic Village in China!  “A Visit to China’s Largest Catholic Village” by Anthony E. Clark, Ph.D.


www.RomeReports.com  (online TV news agency)



The Heavens Proclaim: Astronomy and the Vatican



Miracle News


Mystical Places


Significance of Dreams: Most dreams are caused by the human brain and are influenced by a person’s experiences, fears, knowledge, environment, and physical sensations. But dreams can also be sent by God, angels or demons. This has been acknowledged since ancient times. The many examples in the Bible include Joseph’s dreams. In one, he was warned to take his wife and child to Egypt because King Herod was killing baby boys. In another dream, an angel told him, “Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary your wife into your home. For it is through the holy Spirit that this child has been conceived in her. She will bear a son and you are to name him Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.”     As this article points out, St. Augustine acknowledged the possibility of God speaking through dreams, while St. Thomas Aquinas also acknowledged spiritual causes for some dreams (“Dreams” by Fr. Augustine).



Visions of Purgatory



Pontiff: Love of neighbor flows from closeness to Eucharist

Pope says that cloistered nuns are the “heart” of the Church


Pope Francis believes his papacy will be short


Testimonies about miracles from Saint Padre Pio: This will link you to  great stories about Padre Pio. Some highlights include:

1) A mother whose dead 17-year-old son appears in dream

2) A woman named Elizabeth Reid reports Padre Pio appeared at bedside of her paralyzed 13-year-old sister saying he’d take her to “a land where she would have no pain or sickness ever again” 

3) A man appeared to Pat Yanics in a dream. He later was given a holy card with picture of same man. It was Padre Pio.

4) “A Marriage Renewed” (her husband was treating her terribly and she prayed to Padre Pio. Husband shocked to hear voice say “love your wife.”

5) A nurse aid dreamed that Padre Pio was carrying the sick patient. A statue of Padre Pio was by bedside).


6) A woman with bone cancer hears voice of Padre Pio say “You are healed.”  Also, man with Crohn’s disease “felt a warmth go all the way through his body” when the saint’s glove touched him.



The heartwarming story of Father Tek Raj Paudel of Nepal (2015) - He grew up a Hindu but curiosity about the Bible led him to become his village’s first Christian and Catholic. On April 25, 2015, he was ordained a Jesuit priest. All the Hindus from his village came to the ordination ceremony. As a result, they did not die in the earthquake that struck Nepal that same day (April 25, 2015). Their village was 125 miles from the earthquake’s epicenter. Everyone is calling it “the miracle of the ordination” and many of those Hindus are looking into the Catholic Church now. Article here