"Lost years of Jesus"  (bbbeck - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons)
"Lost years of Jesus" (bbbeck - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons)



Akiane Kramarik (born 1994) – When she was a little girl, Jesus taught her to paint. Known simply as “Akiane,” this child prodigy began drawing at age four (at which time the girl told her parents that God began speaking to her).  “You see, where Jesus takes me, he teaches me to draw,” four-year-old Akiane told her mother (Akiane, p. 9). Akiane began painting at the age of six.

Her parents were atheists at the time their daughter learned about Jesus from Jesus himself. Her parents later became believers because of Akiane’s visions and paintings. One day, when she was eight, she told her mother, “I was with God again, and I was told to pray continually. He showed me where He lived, and it was so light . .  . I was climbing transparent stairs; underneath I saw gushing waterfalls. As I approached my Father in paradise, His body was pure light … He showed me the endless universe, its past and future ….” (Akiane, p. 21).

Akiane’s more than 200 works of art include a portrait of Jesus entitled “Prince of Peace.” The image of Jesus in this painting was identified by Colton Burpo as being identical to the Jesus he saw in heaven. (Colton’s story is told in the book, Heaven is for Real, and movie entitled “Heaven is for Real.”)

Many of Akiane's her paintings depict what she was shown in heavenly visions. She appeared on Oprah at the age of ten, CNN at the age of 12, and with Katie Couric at the age of 18. At a museum event when she was ten years old, the crowd asked her questions. Responding to a question about her religious affiliation, she responded “I belong to God.” 

Asked why she chose Christianity, Akiane responded, “I didn’t choose Christianity; I chose Jesus Christ. I am painting and writing what God shows me. I don’t know much about the religions, but I know this: God looks at our love.” These and other questions are included in her book, Akiane: her life, her art, her poetry, (the first part of the book is her mother’s description of Akiane’s childhood and gifts; the second part features prints of her colorful paintings with brief descriptions by Akiane; the third part features Akiane’s poetry. Here is an excerpt from her poem, "Each."

                           as I touch every silver star

                           i glimpse a rainbow on me

In the book, her mother recalls her four-year-old daughter whispering, “Today I met God.” The mother asked, “What is God?”  Akiane, who insisted it was a real experience and not a dream, replied, “God is light – warm and good. It knows everything and talks with me. It is my parent.”

One day, Akiane told her mother about a heavenly place she had visited which she described as the “house of Light.”  Akiane told her mother, “The plants there move and sing when I move and talk. It seems as if they can think. Animals there are not like here. They listen to me, and they’re not afraid of me, so I can pet them whenever I want . . . I also fly on top of huge birds . . .” (p. 11)

According to Akiane, music in heaven is “alive” and is better than the music of Earth. Music in the heavenly realms “feels like joy, looks like love, smells like flowers and dances like butterflies. Music there is alive! You can even taste it” (p. 12).  In heaven, many additional colors – not on Earth  exist and most things are shared, she has said.

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  Maria Esperanza (1928-2004)


When Esperanza was just five years old, she saw the deceased Saint Thérèse of Lisieux rise up from the Orinoco River and throw her a fresh rose. Esperanza caught the rose but her hand bled. The event seemed to foreshadow Maria Esperanza’s stigmata which she would later suffer once a year on Good Friday.


As a young adult in 1954, Esperanza was planning to become a nun, but St. Thérèse appeared to her again and told her that her vocation was to become a wife and mother. A few days later, the Virgin Mary told Maria that she was to become a spiritual mother of souls. She was to prepare by praying, fasting, doing penance, receiving Communion daily and remaining in seclusion for a time.


The Virgin Mary had previously told her she would one day buy a property on which Mary would appear to many. After Maria was married, she and her husband purchased a farm called Betania, which turned out to be the Promised Land.


The first public apparition at Betania occurred on March 25, 1984 – a day on which all 150 people present reported seeing the luminous woman. Over the years, many thousands would say they saw Mary at the farm or at least witnessed supernatural phenomena there. The apparitions – at least the early ones – were approved as authentic by Bishop Pio Bello Ricardo after a thorough investigation and hundreds of interviews.


Esperanza met her husband, Geo, in Rome on the same date that Saint John Bosco had prophesied. As predicted by the saint, Geo was carrying a sword. The couple married at St. Peter’s Basilica on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. They had six daughters and a son, just as the Virgin Mary had forecasted (Esperanza had informed her friends of the prophesy in advance).


Esperanza was known for her virtue, strong prayer life, compassion and care for the poor, and gift for counseling others. But she was also known for more unusual gifts, including the gift of healing, the gift of prophecy, visions of future events, levitation during prayer, bilocating (being present in two locations at once), stigmata (as verified by physicians), and an effusion of a floral scent from her body.


Perhaps her most unusual gift was the sprouting of fresh roses from her chest. In the presence of others, a rose with a stem and thorns would penetrate her skin, moving from the inside to the outside, causing her great pain, and maturing from a bud to a full rose.


Saint Padre Pio, who was inflicted with the painful stigmata for fifty years, spiritually mentored Maria Esperanza while she was in Italy. On the night before he died, he bilocated from Italy to the woman in Venezuela, saying, "I have come to say good-bye. My time has come. It is your turn.” Esperanza’s husband was present at the time, and saw his wife’s face become transfigured into that of Padre Pio’s 


Maria Esperanza died on August 7, 2004 on Long Beach Island, New Jersey, and is being considered for sainthood. Her case was opened by the Diocese of Metuchen. Today there are 17 branches or “communities” of the Betania Foundation in North and South America, which strive to promote the messages of the Blessed Mother, encourage prayer, and hold spiritual retreats.


Several potential miracles by Maria Esperanza have been reported since her death and are being investigated. One involves the incredible cure of 18-month-old Juliet Medrano who had cancer of the eye. Before her cure, the girl’s mother had a dream in which a woman in white (Maria Esperanza) was holding Juliet and telling the mother, “Disregard what the doctors are telling you. Juliet will be okay.” Juliet had previously placed a picture of Maria Esperanza on her chest. According to Michael H. Brown’s report in Spirit Daily, the doctors “were ready to operate and take out the other eye” when tests showed the cancer had disappeared.    Another miracle report under investigation involves a boy’s cure from swine flu.



Books on Maria Esperanza: Maria Esperanza and the Grace of Betania,    Apparitions in Betania, Venezuela    The Bridge to Heaven


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Miraculous rose petal (Pope Francis and Virgin Mary)
Miraculous rose petal (Pope Francis and Virgin Mary)

Brother Carmelo – Beautiful images miraculously appear on the rose petals distributed by this Filipino brother. A minute before, the roses are blank. Nothing on them. Brother Carmelo, who is believed by many to have the gift of healing, does not supply the roses nor does he see them until it is time to give them out. Other people – generally the people hosting him – buy and supply the roses. Once Brother Carmelo touches them and hands one petal to each person, the recipients find that religious scenes - some very detailed - have appeared on the petals.

The rose petals bear images of Jesus, Mary and Biblical scenes such as the Last Supper. The Virgin Mary reportedly first spoke to Brother Carmelo in 1991 telling him three wishes – that people would return to the Catholic Church, that they would receive the Body and Blood of Christ and that everyone would pray for priests. His whole name is Brother Carmelo Villanueva Cortez and he was born October 19, 1968 in Quezon City. He has said he has seen and spoken to the Blessed Mother at least a hundred times in his life and emphasized that prayer is everything. 

Ramón A. Pedrosa, who examined some of the rose petals, reports that “sometimes the veins themselves made up part of the image and an integral part of the composition.”

Another observer states, “A close inspection of the actual petals shows no marks or other indications that they were etched or drawn by humans hands, notes the report, and I have to say I have been baffled. These are not nebulous forms. The images are extraordinarily detailed, with facial features readily apparent” (Source).


Bishop José Francisco Oliveros in the Philippines has stated about Brother Carmelo, “He’s no fraud” (Source: In the Philippines, healing prayers and petals with sacred images by Simone Orendain, Catholic News Service).


Links:    Video: Miraculous Rose Petals in California     Video of Brother Carmelo (images of the miraculous rose petals start around 13:30 in the video). More videos of Brother Carmelo   Info on Brother Carmelo     More info on Brother Carmelo    Catholic News Service   Filipino Star News: Hundreds troop to church in Chicago to join Brother Carmelo in praying for the sick  Letter about Brother Carmelo   Video of Pope Francis blessing Brother Carmelo   Video of Brother Carmelo speaking about message from Virgin Mary     Video of Rose Petals Eye-witness account of Carmelo’s event     In the Philippines, healing prayers and petals with sacred images (Catholic News Service)    Hundreds troop to church in Chicago to join Brother Carmelo    Video of Amazing Petals   Best Website on Brother Carmelo   Images on Rose Petals     Brother Carmelo Cortez

                          Father Sudac (Croatian priest)

Born in 1971, Father Zlatko Sudac is a Catholic diocesan priest of the Diocese of Krk in Croatia, where he was ordained in 1998 at the age of 27. Even before the stigmata (wounds of Christ) appeared on his body, the devout Croatian had the gifts of healing, of counsel and of tongues. He says it was only after receiving the stigmata that he received more surprising gifts such as bilocation, levitation, illumination, and knowledge of upcoming events and dangers (source: Interview with Fr. Zlatko Sudac).

Many say they were instantly cured by him, many witnesses say they have seen him levitate during prayer, and multiple people say they saw him in one location while others saw him at a distant location at the same time.

Referring to one of his bilocation experiences, the priest said he would have “ascribed this all to my imagination had some people not come forward and confirmed it all . . . with one of these people I even shook hands” (source: Interview). During that same interview, the priest said, "One of the main reasons for our existence on earth is to be people who love and who live for other people."

Fr. Sudac received the stigmata in two phases – the bleeding cross on his forehead appeared in May 1999 while the wounds on his wrists, feet and side appeared in October of 2000. After his forehead cross appeared, “he was sent to the Gemelli Clniic in Rome to be investigated. The exhaustive investigation concluded that Fr. Sudac’s cross … was formed in a a way that medical science could not explain” (source: Interview with Fr. Zlatko Sudac).

With the permission of his bishop, Fr. Sudac holds prayer retreats all over the world. As always, the Church takes a wait-and-see attitude before making official pronouncements on such individuals, sometimes waiting until an individual is deceased and put forth for canonization.

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Audrey Santo(1983-2007) “Little Audrey” lay in her bed for twelve years after almost drowning. Many miracles were reported by people who visited her bedroom or had dreams of her. Her mom, Linda Santo, and hundreds of pilgrims to her home in Massachusetts were adamant she was alert and in constant touch with Jesus:  Linda said, "She cannot speak, but she knows everything. She is not in a coma . . . she’s in that room with her Jesus seven days a week, adoring him, waiting on him, serving him, and he’s blessing her.”


Audrey’s mom says that Audrey appears to people "in person or in dreams"-and when she does so “is moving and speaking” (Harrison 1998). Besides all of the standard miracles occurring at her house (statues and religious items oozing oil, Eucharistic miracles, statues moving to face the tabernacle, etc.), there were also some more unusual ones. For example, after Audrey was asked to pray for a woman with ovarian cancer, Audrey herself seemed to be suffering from the illness. Audrey was taken to the hospital for X-rays. An X-ray showed that on the ovary was a “little angel” rather than a tumor.  The sick woman’s tumor disappeared as well. A non-profit foundation keeps her cause alive as it works to promote her possible sainthood.    John Clote, a Catholic filmmaker has directed a 1996 documentary called, "Audrey's Life."

Videos - EWTN interview of Audrey’s mother plus medical asst: (after death, speaks about canonization efforts)      Video - Supernatural Occurrences      Video - Audrey’s House   Book on Audrey Silent Soul: The Miracles and Mysteries of Audrey Santo


Rhoda Wise(1888-1948) – This woman’s life was full of miracles, but also constant suffering for the Lord. She was visited by Jesus and Saint Therese of Lisieux. Many who came to her house and sat in the same chair in which Jesus sat were cured. One of those people was Mother Angelica, founder of EWTN. You can still tour Rhoda’s house. Rhoda was the mother of eight, and was raised in Canton, Ohio, by anti-Catholic parents. Rhoda herself received a miraculous cure from Jesus.


Regarding her first vision of Jesus, she wrote on May 28, 1939, “I was wide awake and saw Jesus sitting right by my bed . . . I tried to make George get up and he said I was dreaming or seeing things in my sleep. He (Jesus) was gloriously beautiful. I never saw a picture as beautiful as He is. His robe was beautiful. It was gold with every color in it. I just wanted to touch it and see what it was like. I could see the marks on his forehead where the Crown of Thorns had pierced His brow. Just as I tried to touch His robe He said He would return in 31 days.”

Exactly 31 days later, Jesus and St. Therese appeared in her room and she was cured. The miracle occurred after St. Therese placed her hand on Rhoda’s stomach and said, “You have been tried in the fire and not found wanting. Faith cures all things.” This was the beginning of many miraculous occurrences and apparitions. Rhoda also endured a painful stigmata for the Lord. More than 14,000 people attended her funeral. People still visit her house. There are efforts underway to have her canonized a saint.


Monsignor Habig spoke at Rhoda’s funeral. The funeral notes he left behind say: “In my personal judgment she was held in high favor by God.”  Monsignor Habig said “In the midst of a sinful world, holiness is still cherished.  Rhoda Wise was truly a holy soul with her heart filled with a love for God so great that she was able to endure the greatest suffering for His sake.” and “I submit my poor judgment to that of the Church, but it is my personal conviction that what she stated about the many apparitions of Our Lord and the Little Flower is true, and that she was highly favored by the Lord.”   Official Rhoda Wise Site    Rhoda Wise wiki    Her Name Means Rose (biography of Rhoda Wise)   Mystics of the Church    Rhoda Wise House   Rhoda Wise facebook




Father Ubald (born 1954) – The Healing Priest from Rwanda realized God had given him healing powers at some point after he survived the genocide in his home country of Rwanda. After a visit to Lourdes, France, he heard Jesus say “Ubald, carry your cross.” He has been on a mission ever since to bring reconciliation and forgiveness to the world. His healing services have been known to bring 10,000 to 50,000 people. Immaculee Ilibagiza, the most famous survivor of the Rwandan genocide, has brought him to some of the retreats and pilgrimages that she organizes, and brought him to the United States in 2009. Immaculee wrote the following about her experience with the healing priest: “With his love for the suffering, he formed a group of prayer that was dedicated to pray for the sick. One day during prayer, the unexpected happened.

"... Fr. Ubald explains it this way, 'While I was praying with a group of people, I saw a human head coming toward me, like in a dream, but I was present. It stopped few inches away from my face. Then a voice came from my heart, loud enough for my ears to hear. The voice said, 'This person suffers headaches.' The scene vanished and another began. Somebody’s chest started jumping towards me, I tried to back off but behind me was a wall, the chest stopped inches away and a voice said, 'This person was having heart attacks.’  Many more scenes followed. After that, Fr. Ubald asked if anyone there was suffering from the scenes he saw. One by one, somebody raised a hand and said they all said that they felt a warmth in their bodies as he was praying. He asked them to go see their doctors and come back with a doctor’s report of the state of their health. They were all healed!”     

The healing priest –  Fr. Ubald Rugirangoga – is a priest of the Cyangugu Diocese of Rwanda and he travels around the world healing people. About 45,000 members of his parish were murdered in the genocide.   Video of Father Ubald     Father Ubald’s Travel Schedule   Documentary on Father Ubald   Meet Father Ubald



Elizabeth Kindelmann (1913-1985) – This mother-turned-nun from Budapest, Hungary,  is famous for the message she received from Jesus and the Blessed Mother between 1961 and 1982, which are contained in her spiritual diary, The Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  The diary received an imprimatur from Cardinal Peter Erdö. The Virgin Mary spoke to Kindelmann about a time coming soon when she will ignite all hearts around the globe with her flame of love but that all must help her accomplish this with our prayers, sacrifices, fasts.

Her diary quotes Mary saying: “the moment when My Flame of Love will ignite is close, and at this time, Satan will be blinded. I want you to feel it in order to increase your confidence. This will give you a great force. All those to whom this force will arrive will feel it. Because it will ignite not only in the nations which are consecrated to Me but all around the Earth, and it will propagate in the whole world, even in the most inaccessible places, because for Satan there are no inaccessible places."      

Mary also said to Elizabeth, “The inextinguishable fire of my Flame of Love is burning in your soul.  You see how wonderful it is.  I have never given you such a powerful force of grace.  Since the Word became flesh, I have never given such a great movement as the Flame of Love that comes to you now.  Until now, there has been nothing that so blinds Satan.  Do not refuse this gift.  To do so, would bring great ruin.””   Also, Jesus gave Elizabeth a new prayer we should say: “May our feet journey together, May our hands gather in unity, May our hearts beat to the same rhythm, May our souls be in harmony, May our thoughts be in unison, May our ears listen to the silence together, may our glances melt in one another, And may our lips beg Our Heavenly Father, together, to obtain Mercy. Amen.” (May 4, 1962).

Jesus told Kindelmann: "This prayer is an instrument in your hands. By collaborating with Me, Satan will be blinded by it; and because of his blindness, souls will not be led into sin."  Jesus said: The Lord states:  “The Grace from the Flame of Love of My Mother’s Immaculate Heart will be to your generation what Noah’s Ark was to Noah.”     The Flame of Love     The Messages  The Flame of Love (U.S.)  

Excerpts from The Flame of Love


Eileen George – This laywoman from Worcester, Mass. is known for her gift of healing as well as her deep faith, poignant preaching, and gifts of prophecy and knowledge. She loves the Sacraments and the Mass and has said, “I could not live one day without receiving the lover of my soul in Holy Communion.” Many bishops and cardinals have praised her ministry. She is the founder of the Meet-the Father Ministry. She is a mother and grandmother, and despite her illness, she accepts invitations to hold healing prayers services near and far. She ministers especially to priests and stresses the power of the Eucharist.  Info on Eileen George  Spirit Daily article on Eileen George’s prophecy   Eileen George’s books   Movie on Eileen George  Eileen George’s Conversations in Heaven


Father Ralph DiOrio  – A Healing Priest. Many people say the humble priest laid hands over them and cured them of chronic or incurable conditions. Most of all, people say they fall in love with Jesus when they are in his presence. Father DiOrio submits to the guidance and direction of Bishop Bernard J. Flanagan, D.D. In 1968, he became a priest for the Diocese of Worcester, Mass.   Noted Preacher and Healer     Video on Father DiOrio   Apostolate of Divine Mercy and Healing   Newspaper article on Fr. DiOrio     Fr. DiOrio on Unsolved Mysteries    Books by Fr. Ralph DiOrio


Cora Evans (1904-1957)  – Great American mystic, visionary, mother and former Mormon who was instructed by Jesus to write things down. Her first mystical experience was an apparition of the Blessed Mother when Cora was just three years old. There is an effort to have Cora Evans canonized, and so far she has been named “Servant of God.” Her gifts included bilocation and stigmata.   In her book, The Refuge from Heaven, Cora recounts the life of Jesus Christ as an eyewitness, starting with the first meeting between Jesus and St. Peter. Also included is a conversation John the Baptist had with Jesus’ grandmother. The scenes were revealed to Cora while she was ecstasy (deep prayer in which the soul is suspended).  


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Father Peter Mary Rookey - Healing Priest (Book on healing priest Healer of Souls: Fr. Peter Mary Rookey



Father Julia Rivero - Healing Priest (Book on healing priest Father Julia Rivero)


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