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Nun who may have seen the Trinity?

Mother Angelica’s mother – who was a nun in the same Alabama convent as Mother Angelica – was in bed one night. The next morning the wheelchair-bound suffering woman told Mother Angelica about some extraordinary visitors who had appeared to her.


In the words of Mother Angelica, her mom came to her “all excited. She said the entire wall disappeared. And all of a sudden she saw three people standing there. One of them had a green veil over his face. The other was Jesus and the third looked like Jesus exactly but didn’t have a beard.”


Mother Angelica believes the three persons must have been the Holy Trinity. She believes the one whose face was hidden by a veil must have been God the Father since “nobody can look at the Father and live. In a human life, you have to be in heaven to see God face to face,” Mother Angelica explained. (Source: Mother Angelica Live, episode entitled “Dreams of St. John Bosco” originally aired on EWTN on Jan. 23, 2001, but continues to air in reruns). 

In a dream, Jesus spoke to this New York businesswoman  –   A 37-year-old wife and mother, Diana O’Connor, was known for her generosity and for quietly helping whoever was in need. She had begun attending daily Mass and worked at an investment firm in New York City. One night, she had a strange dream in which “Jesus appeared to her, dressed in a white robe, standing on a cloud of smoke. He was beckoning her to come to him, telling her not to worry, that he was going to take her with him. Then it seemed to her that the whole world disappeared from beneath her and she awoke. She told her husband about the dream the next morning, but he didn’t want to hear about it – it scared him. The next few nights, the dream repeated itself. She told her mother, who wondered what it could mean,” writes Michael Dubruiel.


A month later, on September 11, 2001, Diana passed on to eternity after terrorists attacked her tower in the World Trade Center. She was able to contact her husband and mother by cell phone before her tower collapsed. During the calls, Diana reminded them of her dream. (Link to Michael Dubruiel’s column     Obituary of Diana O’Connor).


          Author and editor Michael Dubruiel submitted the article about Diana’s story to his archdiocesan newspaper on Feb. 2, 2009. The following morning, Dubruiel himself unexpectedly passed on to eternity after collapsing on a tread mill at a gym in Alabama. He was 50. Prior to moving to Alabama, he was the beloved acquisitions editor at Our Sunday Visitor. I had met him.  In fact, he asked me to write my first book!    


As an aside, his wife, Amy Welborn Dubruiel later wrote a book, Wish You Were Here: Travels Through Loss and Hope, about coping with his death.  One day Amy was praying the rosary. She was also wearing Michael’s shirt to feel closer to him while longing to “live in a world with Mike living in it again.” What happened next?  Amy writes that the “truth shot back at me, a voice so strong to be unmistakable, not from my own imagination, but from without, so strong it almost knocked me over.  ‘Seek God,’ it said, ‘not Michael.” (Welborn 176).


         Amy also recalls the memory of one of her young sons discussing his sadness over losing his father. The boy added, “But sometimes . . . I feel like Daddy’s talking to me.” Amy asked what he talked about. Her son replied, “I don’t know what I remember about Daddy in my mind. But I  . . . . I feel him.” (Amy’s blog)  (Amy's book)


         Finally, I will leave you with Michael Dubruiel’s  memorable blog post about two miraculous incidents he experienced relating to the late Father Solanus Casey. Here is a link to that story of Mike’s.


Virgin Mary – Bishop-Approved Apparition near Green Bay, Wisconsin(1859).  In 2010 – more than 150 years after the apparitions took place – Bishop David L. Ricken of Green Bay approved the authenticity of the Blessed Mother’s apparitions in Champion, Wisconsin. A New York Times article published Dec. 23, 2010, reported that “a Belgian immigrant here named Adele Brise said she was visited three times by Mary, who hovered between two trees in a bright light, clothed in dazzling white with a yellow sash around her waist and a crown of stars above her flowing blond locks. As instructed, Ms. Brise devoted her life to teaching Catholic beliefs to children.

On Dec. 8, after a two-year investigation by theologians who found no evidence of fraud or heresy and a long history of shrine-related conversions, cures and other signs of divine intervention, Bishop David L. Ricken of Green Bay declared ‘with moral certainty’ that Ms. Brise did indeed have encounters ‘of a supernatural character’ that are ‘worthy of belief.’”

The New York Times article, entitled “Wisconsin on the Map to Pray with Mary,” also mentioned a “striking sign of a divine presence” at the shrine in 1871: “the shrine’s grounds and the terrified crowd who gathered there were spared the flames of the Great Peshtigo Fire of 1871, which devoured the surrounding lands and homes and caused more than 1,200 deaths.” 


More info: Wisconsin1  Wisconsin2  Wisconsin3 Wisconsin4  Wisconsin5  Wisconsin6   Wisconsin7   Wisconsin8


Mary points the way in the trenches: During World War I, her grandfather was given orders to take his men from the trenches in a specific direction. But the Blessed Mother appeared to him and was also seen by other witnesses. Mary “did not speak but stood with her arm pointing in the other direction to which my grandfather’s orders were.”  If they had taken the other route, they would have been killed.  (Source: scroll to “tbcrawford)


Elderly priest blessed with Mary’s presence: This man recalls a story his mother told him about a holy and loving priest who was elderly and needed physical assistance in getting around. “One day, after Mass, my mother went to see him in the vestibule and found him in tears . . . she asked him what was wrong. He said there was nothing wrong, that he was in tears of joy because the Blessed Mother had appeared to him . . . .” (Source: scroll to “nespero)


Mary appeared in a dream: In this woman's dream, the Virgin Mary was “glorious, radiant, illuminated as with the brightest and whitest light coming from her. She was dressed in all white and flowing gown like a fan was blowing around her. I was instantly filled with such love, joy and awe.” Find out what the beautiful woman said to her at this link (Source: scroll to “RachelsAlumni)


Mary appeared while eyes were closed.  This woman was awake and praying the rosary when she closed her eyes and saw Our Lady and the Child Jesus, both smiling at her. Mary "was dressed all in white robes that were hemmed in gold . . . The image of this and the clarity of it is etched upon my heart and will never be forgotten.” (Source: Scroll to “DevotedChild)


In the News: Jesus appears to a California detective who was bleeding from gunshots on Sept. 25, 2012.  Shot in his arm and torso, and bleeding profusely, Detective Ali Perez  thought he might die. But then Jesus appeared seated in a chair between himself and the criminal. In this video of detective’s court testimony in 2013, the detective testifies that he saw Jesus. According to his testimony before a judge in El Cajon Superior Court, the detective asked Jesus what he should do with the criminal (Daniel Robert Witczak). In response, the Lord wrote a note to the officer which floated over to his chest. The note said, “I want you to bless him.” The detective obeyed and said, “God bless you brother.”   Here is the article.   Article Two.



This guy (“Sir Vaant”) saw Jesus in 2003 at Swedish Medical Center in Denver, Colorado.  At the time of the vision, he was 23, and had a history of drugs, alcohol, and burglary. He had lost his baby son when he was 19. While doing crystal meth, he saw demons who wanted to harm him. He also saw Satan. The vision of the Lord changed his life. The demons fled when Jesus appeared. Above his hospital bed, he saw Jesus who rebuked him. Jesus kept calling his name. Finally, the sick person said, “Lord, please give me another shot at life.” The Lord’s peace came upon him. He saw a separate vision of Jesus on a beach wearing a white robe and blue sash in a peaceful and harmonious environment. Sir Vaant believes Jesus showed him the era of peace that will reign on Earth in the near future. Born and raised in Denver, Sir Vaant is a hip-hop rapper whose album is titled “He’s Com’in.”   He makes his living by welding. Video of his testimony here


Mary takes father-in-law to heaven: Her father-in-law died in the living room, so her mother-in-law went upstairs to tell “Great-grandmother” that her son had just died. The elderly, bedridden lady responded, “Yes, I know. The Blessed Virgin passed my room before and she had Dan by the hand. They stopped and waved good-bye.” The deceased man appeared as a child instead of his current age of 50. (Source: scroll to “aicirt)


Mary comforts during storm: This woman tells the story of her grandmother who was volunteering in a booth at the annual church carnival. When a storm hit, everyone went inside the school but Granny was all alone in the booth and very frightened of the lightning and thunder. Mary appeared to her, telling her to sit down and wait and that someone would come for her.  (Source: scroll to “pigtown)


Statue of Mary Becomes Alive: A man reports walking a mile in the rain to visit a special statue of Our Lady of Fatima at a local church in order to show respect to the Blessed Mother. When he arrived at the church, he told Mary he needed to adore Jesus first, but that he would be back for her. While adoring Jesus in front of the Blessed Sacrament, he glanced back towards the statue, which was “now alive enveloped in a radiating warm light and her head turned towards me.” Mary bowed her head to him and said, “My son I am so happy you have come to visit me and pay me homage.” The young man started pinching his arm to make sure he was not imagining everything. Just then, Mary added, “I want you know that I have always loved you and I thank you for coming to see me.”  (Source - scroll to forums member ratsaj)


Little girl saw Mary: “My 4-year-old daughter told me yesterday that she saw Mary in heaven and Mary’s heart was outside her body,” writes a mother, who had never discussed the image of Mary’s Immaculate Heart with her. The girl added that Mary was smiling and had light all around her. (Source: scroll to forums member Serap)


Lady of Guadalupe image in the United States – Everyone knows Mary appeared in Guadalupe, Mexico, and left a miraculous life-size image of herself on a cloak or tilma which still hangs in Mexico City. But some do not realize that four exact replicas were created – each called a “Missionary Image” – and were blessed at the apparition site in Mexico. Launched in 1991, the images have since visited thousands of sites in the United States – including all 50 states – where millions have prayed before them.


The images have brought conversions of heart and even caused women to cancel abortions. In addition, hundreds of people who touched it were blessed with a special grace – they felt Mary’s heart beating or they felt her tummy’s heart beating (yes, the Baby Jesus’ heart) or they felt the Baby Jesus kicking.  The image came to my hometown in Pennsylvania. Although I felt nothing supernatural when I touched it, several women told me about their own experiences. One woman told me she hosted the image in her home and that she realized her own hand in front of the image was suddenly beautiful and elongated. She told me she that normally her hand is very unattractive and stubby. Just as she realized what had happened to her, another woman present said something like, “Wow, you have such beautiful hands!” (not realizing it had just transformed). Her hand changed back to normal after she walked away, but she realizes she had received a glimpse of how we’ll be in heaven.


Another woman told me she was present at a children’s religious summer camp at a parish in Delaware County, Pa, and that an adult put her hand on Mary’s heart but felt nothing. People told her to move her hand down to the tummy area. They she felt it beat. Many of the children at the camp who put their hand on Mary’s tummy felt Jesus’ heartbeat.


Dan Lynch heads the ministry, Dan Lynch Apostolate, which brings Mary around the country and trains guardians of the image who plan Masses and prayers services. At this link, Dan Lynch provides information about miraculous phenomena that have occurred at the Image:


Lynch writes: “ . . . many of the faithful touch and kiss the Missionary Image. In doing so, many have felt warmth, an electric-like current, and Our Lady’s heartbeat. They have also felt a womb of flesh, beneath which they felt the heartbeat, movement and kicking of an unborn child. One physician listened to Our Lady’s womb with a stethoscope. She clearly heard a heartbeat and the sounds of movement of a fetus in amniotic fluid.


"Doctor Margaret Posadas placed her stethoscope on the heart of the Missionary Image at St. Joseph Medical Center in Reading, Pennsylvania. To her utter astonishment she heard a human heartbeat and knelt down in tearful veneration. The Image was displayed for veneration during a Visitation to the hospital’s chapel. After Mass, Dr. Posadas venerated the Image while dressed in her lab coat with a stethoscope around her neck. Guardian Kathy Kuhns asked her, ‘Try to listen to Our Lady’s heart. Sometimes people hear a heartbeat. Why don’t you try it?’  A skeptical Dr. Posadas said, ‘At first I was ashamed to do it, but then I just went ahead and did it. I put my stethoscope over her hands and didn’t hear anything. Then I moved it up over her heart and I heard it. A heartbeat. It was a loud heartbeat. I pulled my hand back, in tears, because I knew Our Lady was there and was aware of me and my doubts.’


"Kathy captured the whole experience on film, from the moment that Dr. Posadas heard the heartbeat and pulled back in disbelief, to the instant that she fell weak and trembling to her knees” (Our Lady of Guadalupe, Hope for the World    and Dan Lynch Apostolates). 


Dan Lynch wrote the book “Our Lady of Guadalupe, Hope for the World”     Dan Lynch also wrote the book “Saints of the States”   Dan Lynch Apostolates on facebook


Supernatural origin of idea for missionary image of Lady of Guadalupe

Believe it or not, the idea for the Lady of Guadalupe's image to travel through the United States came from the Virgin Mary herself. Even when the image came to my own parish in Pennsylvania, I was not aware of this! Evidently, the Blessed Mother told a prayerful man near Seattle during an interior message (or “locution”) that she desired the image to pass through all states in the United States. The Blessed Mother said to Kenneth Staloch:


“Together, my dear children, we will end the horrible evil of abortion. Through the miracle of my image, I want to come among you and convert your hearts to my Divine Son” (Source1, Source2).  


Ken informed Fr. Walter Winrich, a Maryknoll priest in Mexico, and also with the dedication of Dan Lynch, an attorney in Vermont, the efforts to carry out Our Lady’s desire began”  (How the Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe Began). 


Since then, the image has traveled thousands of miles around the United States, touching hearts everywhere (since the Blessed Mother always come with her image to visit her children!)


Interestingly, a few years ago I turned on the television to see the story of a young woman of Mexican heritage who said she saw the Lady of Guadalupe image as she was about to have an abortion. She cancelled the abortion and named her baby girl “Guadalupe.”


How the Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe Began    Our Lady of Guadalupe Missionary Image    Daily Catholic


Saw Jesus in the Eucharist: “A few times when the priest would hold up the Eucharist after having just consecrated the Host, I would see Jesus’ face in the Host.” (Source: forums member Holly3278)


Jesus spoke many times to Blessed Angela of Foligno (d. 1309). Some of the excerpts of what Jesus said to her are here and in her Book of Visions. More info on her here: Angela1  Angela2  Angela3   Angela4


A Kiss on the Forehead: This woman had just gone to bed and closed her eyes when “the whole room filled up with LOVE. Love and Light, although it was dark. I thought I saw a shadow of Jesus walking up to my bedside, lean over and kiss me on the forehead . . . My heart and souls were filling up with so much LOVE, that I thought I would burst . . . “ (Source: scroll to forums member franny33)


Amazing Story by Woman who wanted more kids – After she had three children, her husband didn’t want any more kids. She desperately prayed to the Blessed Mother asking if they’d have more. Then came a vivid dream. In a dark room, a bright light slowly moved until it landed on her womb. Then two more lights came towards her womb. Then two more lights. Five lights total. She felt the presence of Mary in the dream.  She had five more children. She is the mother of eight. (Source – scroll down to “leonie”)


Healing and Forgiveness: The book Hello from Heaven tells the story of a women named Rosalyn, who as a Christian adult, decided to forgive an alcoholic uncle who had sexually abused her when she was a girl. She wrote him a letter saying she held nothing against him, but she never learned whether he received it. One day, she woke up and saw Jesus and her uncle next to her bed, with a light behind them. Jesus asked her, “Do you hold anything against this man?” She told him, “No, I don’t.” Jesus looked at the uncle and said, “Neither do I hold anything against him.” A couple days later, Rosalyn received a letter saying the uncle had died. The book, Hello from Heaven, was written by Bill Guggenheim and Judy Guggenheim.


Experienced Jesus as a Teenager: When he was a teenager, he was angry one day. “Out of nowhere, Jesus stood at the end of my bed . . . He asked me a question. ‘Will you let me love you?’ . . . When I said yes, I experienced the sense of floating in the most peaceful blue space, with indescribable love, joy, happiness, peace” and a sense that being with Jesus “far eclipsed any experience that could be had in life . . . “ (Source:  scroll to forums member cranster)


Mary warned her about Hurricane Katrina: This story comes from a woman named Christine who had been a singer in the New Orleans Opera.  Six weeks before Hurricane Katrina, “Mary appeared before me . . .  and said, ‘the water will be over your head.’” Christine and her husband were living right on the water in Slidell, Louisiana. She went out and purchased a house just over the Mississippi border. Her house in Louisiana got six feet of water. Christine is 5’6” tall. (Source: scroll to forums member violetta30)


Statue becomes Mary herself: This person recounts his friend’s story of how a statue of Mary became alive and spoke to him.  Mary assured the worried father she would take care of his daughter, who was a drug addict and prostitute. Two weeks later, the girl was back in school. (Source: )


Man remembers seeing Mary when he was nine: She comforted him when his baby brother died:  (Source - Scroll down to “BobMac3”)


Deceased father visits son about to have surgery: Dad appears in doorway and says “Don’t worry, everything will be fine.”   Source


Woman saw Mary’s soul: The woman recalls a beautiful experience in which Mary revealed her soul, which came “towards me through time and space and as she got closer the beauty increased.” The woman asked who she was, and heard, “I am your mother.”  Source


Our Lady of Siluva – Virgin Mary appears in Lithuana in 1500s in a Calvinist town. It was followed by a mass conversion to Catholicism.  (pope-approved apparition as authentic).


Virgin Mary seen by desperate businessman. Back in 1996, Louis Saia planned to kill someone the very next day. But the Virgin Mary appeared, and that changed everything.  Saia  – a former boxing champ – is from Houma, Louisiana. According to Bloomberg Business, “Saia says he experienced a vision of the Virgin Mary on the steps of his office. He says she told him ‘to just have faith in my son,’ and from that moment on, he felt a sense of peace.” (Bloomberg 9/9/2001)    Vision of Mary changed Houma trucker Louis Saia’s Life   Later legal miracles for Louis Saia

             Another amazing story occurred later and involves a priest’s spiritual dream of the archangel Michael sitting next to Louis Saia in court. Based on the scene the priest saw in the dream, the priest was even able to correctly describe what Louis had worn in court. Business Week covered the court case)   Louis Saia’s painting of the Virgin Mary (it’s a miraculous painting)   Video of Louis Saia’s testimony   Bloomberg Business


Video of Muslim who says he saw vision of Jesus up in throne in heaven at right hand of God. He also felt the Lord’s love, though Jesus was silent. He is now a Christian:  Watch video here


The Child Jesus appeared – One day, a young boy appeared to Saint Teresa of Avila (1515-1582). The Child said, “Who are you?” She replied, “I am Teresa of Jesus.”  The Child replied, “I am Jesus of Teresa.” Then the child vanished.


Blessed Mother appeared to teenage Saint Bernadette eighteen times in 1858 at Lourdes in southern France. The Virgin Mary left us a miraculous spring of water, and assures us that the grounds are actually a piece of heaven in which she and Jesus live constantly. But don’t believe me. Go there and pray there for a few days. Two hundred million people have already done just that. You’ll see a statue of Mary that marks the exact spot where she appeared in a grotto. Make sure you dunk yourselves in the cold baths of water that Mary provided. By the way, Saint Bernadette was so holy that her body never decayed. Go pray there and let me know what you think. 

Links:  Official Lourdes site    Biography of Bernadette Soubirous     Body of St. Bernadette      The Song of Bernadette   The Apparitions in Lourdes  Photos of Lady of Lourdes   Photos of Lourdes, France    Photo of St. Bernadette    A pilgrim’s video of Lourdes


Jesus appeared to St. Bridget of Sweden – Jesus asked St. Bridget (1303-1373) to go to Rome to try to get the pope to return from France to Rome.  Vatican article


Miraculous Photo of Virgin Mary. The Blessed Mother shows up in photo a woman takes of a flower bush. According to this site, a woman stopped in the desert to photograph a certain bush with white flowers. To her amazement, she later noticed that the photo contains the Virgin Mary but not the flowers.  See photo here


She closed her eyes and saw Jesus smile at her – She was praying a rosary before Mass and closed her eyes and saw Jesus in a robe standing in front of a group that was praying a novena to the Holy Spirit. A bright dove (the Holy Spirit) was on his chest. Read her account here (scroll to “bsy”)  The woman also had two other mystical experiences – one in which an angel seemed to be pulling her to the other side of the road and then said her name and “just follow” (a crime then took place where she would have been). In the other, a voice said to move her car. After she moved it, a bunch of coconuts fell down in her former parking spot which would have caused damage. That story is here (scroll to “bsy”)


This woman says she saw Jesus and was “drawn into a different dimension.”  During the experience, Jesus appeared similar to the Divine Mercy painting of Him which depicts Jesus as he appeared to Saint Faustina. Midgie writes, “Meeting Jesus literally changed my life and set my heart on fire for Him.” She feels humbled and unworthy of receiving this gift at a time her life was far away from God and his laws. She writes, “I was wide awake sitting in a chair reading the book, The Greatest Story Ever Told, when I was drawn right into the Story of the Crucifixion as if I were right there 2000+ years ago when it took place. As I watched the Crucifixion and the Agony of the Blessed Mother, I was sobbing my heart out and telling Jesus how sorry I was when I was then drawn into another dimension where I found myself alone kneeling at the Foot of the Cross looking up into the Eyes of Love Himself. In that instant I was changed forever. Before I even had time to think about what was happening to me, Jesus was then standing before me in His Glorious Risen Body with the most unbelievable loving smile in His Eyes as He looked at me. It was like He was so happy to show me the Truth of the Power of His Resurrection” (source – scroll down to Midgie) 


Virgin Mary promises great light in sky  Everyone knows the story of Mary appearing to three children in Fatima, Portugal, in 1917 and the first miracle in the sky (the 1917 Miracle of the Sun).

But what is often forgotten is that Mary promised a second miracle in the sky. She pre-announced that a great light would illuminate the skies at a later time to signify that God was about to punish the world through war.

The predicted light appeared in the sky on January 25, 1938, and was unprecedented in world history, and outshined even an aurora borealis. It meant World War II was about to start.

According to the Vatican website, the children visionaries reported this message from the Virgin Mary: “When you see a night illumined by an unknown light, know that this is the great sign given you by God that he is about to punish the world for its crimes, by means of war, famine, and persecutions of the Church and of the Holy Father. To prevent this, I shall come to ask for the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart, and the Communion of reparation on the First Saturdays. If my requests are heeded, Russia will be converted, and there will be peace; if not, she will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church.”

 In Michael Brown’s article on the topic, he notes that Sister Lucia, one of the three children visionaries, was now an adult and saw the great light from her convent. She “knew instantly” that the light was the great sign predicted at Fatima. “She wrote her bishop that if they investigated the phenomenon further, scientists would find that it wasn’t a normal presentation of the northern light” but that it came from God. Michael Brown writes that the lights were seen in Italy, Austria, Morocco and even as far as Canada.

          Nevertheless, the New York Times reported on 1/26/38: “London, January 25th, 1938. The Aurora Borealis rarely seen in Southern or Western Europe spread fear in parts of Portugal and lower Austria tonight while thousands of Britons were brought running into the streets in wonderment. The ruddy glow led many to think half the city was ablaze. The Windsor Fire Department was called out thinking that Windsor Castle was afire. The lights were clearly seen in Italy, Spain, and even Gibraltar. The glow bathing snow-clad mountain tops in Austria and Switzerland was a beautiful sight but firemen turned out to chase non-existent fires. Portuguese villagers rushed in fright from their homes fearing the end of the world." (America Needs Fatima).

          Furthermore, Francis Johnson explains in his book Fatima: The Great Sign, "This aurora appeared as far south as Galicia, Spain, where Sister Lucy was then cloistered, and she, the only survivor of the three Fatima shepherds, recognized it immediately as the sign. Visible even to Pius XI in Rome, the unprecedented aurora was accompanied by a ‘crackling' sound, possibly attributable to discharges of atmospheric energy. Indeed, in many areas of Europe, panic broke out; as the populace concluded that the world was on fire and that the End had come"(Johnston, p. 38)  (America Needs Fatima).   

Links: Fatima: The Great Sign by Francis Johnston   Fatima and the Night of the Strange Aerial Lights by Michael Brown       Newspaper articles from 1938 about the "fire in the sky"




Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Appearing in Paris three times in 1830, the Blessed Mother came from heaven to deliver a mission from God to Saint Catherine Labouré (1806-1876). The mission was to have a medal struck with an image of Mary to resemble her in the apparition. The medal – now worn by millions of Catholics and other Christians – is known as the Miraculous Medal or the Medal of the Immaculate Conception.

St. Catherine, a nun, saw a vision of Mary within an oval frame. Around the margin of the frame, these words formed: "O Mary! conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee!"

Dazzling rays of light were emitted from Mary’s rings, which seemed to be set with precious stones. Mary said the rays of light represented the graces which would be bestowed on all who asked for them.  The Blessed Virgin also promised great graces to all who wore a medal blessed by a priest around their neck.

          Six years before the apparition, St. Catherine, then 18, had reported a dream in which an old priest whom she had never seen or met in real life was saying Mass. After the Mass, the priest motioned to St. Catherine to come to him. In the dream’s next scene, Catherine was caring for the sick when the priest said to her, "My child, it is a good deed to look after the sick; you run away now, but one day you will be glad to come to me. God has designs on you—do not forget it."

One day, while St. Catherine was visiting a hospital, she saw a picture of the priest from her dream. She learned it was St. Vincent de Paul (1581-1660), the French co-founder of the Daughters of Charity. St. Catherine entered the Daughters of Charity at the age of 24, eventually taking her permanent vows of a sister.

          The chapel of the apparition – still located at 140 Rue de Bac, Paris – can be visited today. It houses the incorrupt body of St. Catherine Labouré, and the incorrupt heart of St. Vincent de Paul.

PHOTO: This painting depicts the vision that St. Catherine when she was given the task of having the Miraculous Medal made.

More info on the Lady of the Miraculous Medal:   St. Catherine Labouré,  Visions of St. Catherine Labouré,   The Miraculous Medal,       St. Catherine Labouré of the Miraculous Medal

Our Lady of Las Lajas: On a cave’s rocky wall in the Andes Mountains of Colombia, the Blessed Mother imprinted a miraculous image of herself in 1754 after appearing to a little girl and curing her. Maria Mueses de Quiñones, an Indian, had been carrying her daughter Rosa down a trail near a steep canyon in present-day Colombia, near the border of Ecuador.


When she stopped to rest, the girl – who had been deaf and mute since birth – got down and ran into the cave, only to return shouting, “Mama, there is a woman in here with a boy in her arms!” A frightened Maria – surprised to hear her child speak for the first time in her life – grabbed the child and ran home, without entering the cave. A few days later, Maria could not find her daughter anywhere and began suspecting that the child had returned to the cave.


Upon arriving at the cave, Maria was astonished to find three people inside. Rosa was playing with the Child Jesus in front of the Virgin Mary. Maria decided to keep the experience private to avoid being mocked. But one day, Rosa got sick and died. Maria took the child’s dead body to the cave and begged for a miracle. Rosa came back to life.

When the people of the town heard about the miracle, they flocked to Las Lajas (“Lajas” means flat rocks). There, they were astonished to find a miraculous picture of the Virgin Mary holding the Child Jesus on the rock in the cave, with two saints beside her.

The image can be viewed today at a Gothic Revival-style church which was built around the image in the cave. Located above the Guaitara River in Nariño, Colombia, the church is called Las Lajas Sanctuary and was named a minor basilica by the Vatican in 1954.

The image of the Virgin Mary in the cave “is not painted, but mysteriously imprinted in the rock. The colors are not applied in a surface layer of paint or other material, but penetrate deep into the rock,”according to Professor Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, a Brazilian intellectual.

Testing has shown the image to be of indeterminate origin. Geologists from Germany bored core samples from several spots in the image. There is no paint, no dye, nor any other pigment on the surface of the rock. The colors are the colors of the rock itself and run uniformly to a depth of several feet,” according to

One of the more famous miracles associated with Our Lady of Las Lajas was the miraculous restoration of the vision of a blind Franciscan friar named Juan de Santa Gertrudis. The friar had travelled many miles by foot in the 1750s and 1760s to raise money to build a chapel at the site. Upon the completion of the chapel, the friar knelt in the chapel and his eyes were instantly healed.

Links on Lajas: Lady of Las Lajas  Our Lady of Las Lajas , MiracleHunter (Approved Apparitions), Lady of Las Lajas (CatholicCulture)

 Jesus appeared to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque many times


The apparitions occurred both before and after St. Margaret Mary Alacoque (1647-1690) entered the cloister. Jesus asked the nun to establish devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The image of His Sacred Heart is now all over the globe. 

St. Margaret Mary Alacoque



 Virgin Mary of Breezy Point (2012) – Statue left standing in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Check out this remarkable but true photo of the statue that was left untouched after 2012 monster storm Sandy in Breezy Point, a neighborhood of Queens, New York. Click here for Photo (photographer was Natalie Keyssar) Link here.

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Crucifix of Haiti Earthquake(2010) – Check out the photos of Crucifix that stood tall amidst all the rubble around it in Haiti. Located in Port au Prince, Haiti, the church was called Eglise Sacre Coeur (Sacred Heart Church).   Photo1  Photo2    Photo3  Photo4  Photo5





World Trade Center Cross: This cross of metal was found in the debris at Ground Zero after the attacks. Known as the World Trade Center Cross, the 20-foot cross of two steel beams is now displayed on a pedestal. For CNN photos of cross, click here. For Google photos of cross, click here.




                                 Divine Mercy Jesus 


This painting depicts Jesus’ appearance to Saint Faustina Kowalska of Poland in 1931. Jesus asked the nun to have the painting made and told her, "By means of this image I shall grant many graces to souls" (Diary, 742).


Jesus told the nun, "The two rays denote Blood and Water. the pale ray stands for the Water which makes souls righteous. The red ray stands for the Blood which is the life of souls. These two rays issued forth from the very depths of My tender mercy when My agonized heart was opened by a lance on the Cross. These rays shield souls from the wrath of My Father. Happy is the one who dwell in their shelter, for the just hand of God shall not lay hold of him” (Diary 299).


"I promise that the soul that will venerate this image will not perish," Jesus told Faustina.  her diary, which has been studied and authenticated by the Church over several decades. "I also promise victory over enemies already here on earth, especially at the hour of my death. I myself will defend it as My own glory" (Diary of Faustina, 48).


Saint Faustina (1905-1938) was canonized by Pope John Paul II in 2000. Her famous diary is filled with messages she received from Jesus.    Info on Divine Mercy    Excerpts from diary   Full text of diary





          Apparitions of Virgin Mary in Egypt (1968-1971)


To be clear, these apparitions are approved by the Coptic Church but have received no official ruling from the Catholic Church, although a Catholic cardinal (as well as other Catholic representatives) forwarded to the Vatican their own personal declarations of the validity of the events in Egypt. Protestant authorities in Egypt also declared the apparitions authentic. The apparitions occurred at an Egyptian church on grounds believed to have been visited by Mary, Joseph and the Child Jesus during the Holy Family’s flight to Egypt in the first century.


From 1968 to 1971, forty million people reportedly witnessed the apparitions of a Lady of Light (the Virgin Mary) walking around the domes on the rooftop of a Coptic Church called St. Mary's Church in the Zeitoun district of Cairo in Egypt. Up to 250,000 at a time saw her in one night.


The extraordinary history and origin of this church may explain why the Virgin selected this site. In 1918, a devout Egyptian Coptic Christian named Khalil Ibrahim received a vision by a Lady of Light who told him to build a church on that land in her honor. She promised the man that if he built the church, she would return to the church in 50 years to bless the church with her presence. Sure enough, the apparitions on the church’s rooftop began 50 years later, on April 2, 1968. The apparitions continued until 1971.


Above: Virgin Mary, seen by millions as she walked around the roof of St. Mary's Church in Zeitoun, Egypt, in 1968.
Above: Virgin Mary, seen by millions as she walked around the roof of St. Mary's Church in Zeitoun, Egypt, in 1968.

On this date, the first to spot the luminous lady on the roof were a few Muslims who were down on the ground, including a mechanic named Farouk Mohammed Atwa, who initially thought he was seeing a girl contemplating a suicidal jump off the building. He yelled, “Lady, don’t jump!”


The lady, in response, rose to her feet from her kneeling position and now could be seen wearing shimmering robes. The man’s bandaged gangrenous finger was scheduled for surgical amputation the following morning, but when he pointed to her, his finger was healed.


This became the first of countless miracles at the site which were declared to be inexplicable by investigating physicians. Photographer Wagih Rizk Mata noticed that an accident-related injury to his arm was suddenly healed after he snapped two photographs of the apparition. His cure was declared inexplicable by Dr. Zarif Beshara.


The second apparition of Mary came a week after the first, and more evenings of apparitions followed, drawing crowds of up to a quarter million people on some nights. Sometimes Mary would appear for a few minutes and other times for many hours. There were periods of time when she was appearing every night.


“[S]ometimes she would be carrying a palm branch which she waved at the people in blessing. Sometimes she carried a cross with which she blessed people, other times just appearing radiant, shimmering, with a brilliant start in her crown, silently hovering over the church. She moved as if gliding . . .,” writes Pearl Zaki in her book Our Lord’s Mother Visits Egypt.


In her book, Zaki includes the story told to her by Coptic bishop Anba Gregorios. According to the bishop, there was a man who mocked the “silly” people who claimed that the Virgin was present. He arrived at the site and found thousands in attendance. “Suddenly, there she was in all splendor before his eyes. He fell to his knees and until now is lamenting every moment he was away from God,” Bishop Gregorios told Zaki.


Government authorities conducted a search within a 15-mile radius of the church hunting for electronic devices that could produce the moving images on the church’s rooftop but to no avail, Zaki notes: “[T]hey turned every inch . . . they became convinced of its authenticity….”  Electrical power in the vicinity was cut off, but the luminous woman continued to move around the domes of church.


The Egyptian Government’s director of general information and complaints department declared that fraud had been ruled out and that investigations had resulted in “an undeniable fact that the Blessed Virgin Mary has been appearing on the Coptic Orthodox Church at Zeitoun in a clear and bright luminous body, seen by all present in front of the church, whether Christian or Moslem.”


Zaki notes a 1973 meeting in Rome of Pope Paul VI, head of the Catholic Church at the time, and the Coptic leader at the time – Pope Shenouda, III – during which the two men prayed together and celebrated the anniversary of St. Athanasius of Alexandria, a Church Father who had a leading role at the Second Council of Nicaea. During the meeting – which resulted in a declaration to work towards Church unity – the Coptic leader gave Pope Paul VI (of the Catholic Church) an account of the 1968 and 1969 apparitions in Zeitoun.


Five years before the historic meeting, the previous Coptic leader – Pope of Alexandria, Kyrillos VI – had declared the authenticity of the apparitions after an investigation by top Coptic officials of both the apparitions and of the associated physical miracles. The declaration was issued May 5, 1968, just one month after the first apparition.


Around the same time, Cardinal Stephanos I – a Catholic cardinal who was leader of the Catholic Copts – announced his positive report on the apparitions: “It is no doubt a real appearance, confirmed by many Coptic Catholic members of the highest integrity and reliability. They saw the Blessed Virgin’s apparition and gave me complete details and descriptions of the appearances of the blessed apparitions on the dome of the Zeitoun Church.  Sister Paula de Mofalo, a Roman Catholic nun well known for her accuracy and preciseness, assured me of the certainty of the Virgin’s appearance on the dome of the Zeitoun church . . . .”


A declaration of certainty of the presence of the Virgin Mary also came from the leading Protestant authority in Egypt, namely Dr. Ibraham Said, the Head of the Evangelical Church and the Speaker on behalf of all the Protestant Churches in Egypt, according to Francis Johnston’s book, When Millions Saw Mary.


Johnston also lists the names of multiple recipients of miraculous cures as well as doctors and hospitals that confirmed miracles reported at the apparition site. The ailments cured included the blind, deaf, mute, paralyzed, and cancer patients.


A paralyzed woman named Mahmoud Shoukry Ibrahim who visited the Zeitoun church felt a strange trembling sensation in her limbs when she arrived. An hour later she rose from her wheelchair and was able to walk to her husband’s car. Her miracle was confirmed by the Medical Commission established by the Coptic Church. Sami Abd-el-Malek, whose surgeon was Dr. Aziz Fam at Cairo University, was instantly healed of an incurable cancerous tumor in the bladder. Fatma Zahi Reda was cured of a life-threatening thyroid disease.


Because she was too ill to travel to the apparition site, her husband went alone to beg for a cure. When he came home, Fatima was cured – as confirmed by the Government Manial Hospital – and had just had a dream about being surrounded by beings dressed in white. At the moment a blind woman – Madiha Mohammed Said – had her vision miraculously restored, she could see the apparition of the Blessed Virgin.


A doctor named William Nashed Zaki suffered from a painful hernia for three years. On the same evening that Dr. Zaki saw Mary bless the crowd, he realized the hernia had vanished by the time he arrived home.


Catholic popes do not generally make official declarations on apparitions associated with non-Catholic churches, though it is possible the Vatican would investigate further if the Coptic Christians reunited with Rome in the future.  Dr. Henry Habib Ayrout, a Catholic priest and Jesuit, affirmed his belief in the authenticity of the apparitions as did a convent of nuns of the Sacred Heart order in Egypt.  Father Ayrout was rector of the College College of the Holy Family (Collège de la Sainte Famille) in Cairo, Egypt, at the time of the 1968 apparitions.



The Rev. Fr. Constantine Moussa, who was rector of the Coptic church at the time of the apparitions, revealed before his death in 1984 that Mary had appeared to him privately inside the church prior to the public rooftop apparitions, and told him, “Be ready!” (source)


One evening during a public apparition, Bishop Anba Anthanasius entered the church and went to the second floor to attempt to climb a ladder to the roof, but his body began shaking and so did the ladder. “He felt frozen in his tracks, unable to move, and sensing that something unusual was very close by . . . He retreated back down and back outside to see that she was standing just 3 feet from where he had been!” (source)


If you have time to peruse the article here, be sure to catch the story of the two Muslim doctors who offered a ride to a young lady heading to Zeitoun. When it was time to drop her off, the lady vanished. They saw only a dove flying out of their car. Also check out the story of the forty travelers on a truck who gave a ride to a young nun on the road with a Bible. Suddenly a bright light appeared on the truck and the nun vanished into thin air.


Also of interest is the story of the Muslim man whose house was near the apparition and who threw stones at growing crowds of pilgrims and tried to have them arrested. The Blessed Virgin appeared to   him privately and begged him not to continue in this fashion and commanded him to paint the sign of the cross on his house.  Although he is still a practicing Muslim, he is now convinced of the authenticity of the visions and painted forty huge white crosses.” (source)


Why did Mary choose land in Zeitoun for her church? Tradition holds that the Holy Family rested there during their flight to Egypt as Herod executed plans to kill male babies in Israel.


The Coptic Church – which is doctrinally similar to the Catholic and Orthodox Churches – is largely based in Egypt. It became independent from the original Catholic Church in 451 A.D., separating itself due to a technicality regarding how to express the true nature of Christ. To this day, the Copts continue to have a valid priesthood, Mass, and Sacraments since they have maintained Apostolic Succession since the Apostles. The Coptic Church in Egypt should not be confused with the Coptic Catholic Church which operates in full union with Rome since it is part of the Catholic Church.



In recent centuries, the Coptic Church was officially renamed the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria to distinguish itself from the Eastern Orthodox Church and also from the Catholic Coptics. Tradition holds that it was founded by the Evangelist St. Mark. The Copts consider their current leader – Pope Tawadros II, elected in 2012 – to be their 118th pope and a director successor of St. Mark the Evangelist.



Photograph of Virgin Mary: To the left is a photo of St. Mary’s Coptic Church on an evening when many eyewitnesses watched a luminous human figure shaped like the Virgin Mary in shimmering robes walking around the domes on the church’s rooftop.



Bishop Anba Athanasius, a Coptic leader who was instructed by the Coptic pope to investigate the case, arrived on the scene only to personally witness an apparition:


“Suddenly, there she was – standing in full figure.  The crowd was tremendous.  It was too difficult to move among the people.  But I worked my way to in front of the figure.  There she was, five or six meters above the dome, high in the sky, full figure – like a phosphorescent statue, but not stiff like a statue.


"There was movement of the body and clothing … Our Lady looked to the north – she waved her hand.  She blessed the people, sometimes in the direction where we stood.  Her garments swayed in the wind.  She was quiet, full of glory.  It was something really supernatural … very, very heavenly … Some people were reciting verses from the Koran.  Some were praying in Greek. Others were singing Coptic hymns … I tried to distinguish the face and features … there was something about the eyes and mouth I could see … the apparition slowly faded away ….” (source: Our Lady Returns to Egypt by Fr. Jerome Palmer, O.S.B.).


Click here for more photos


Online resources on Zeitoun: site), Online book: When Millions Saw Mary   Video documentary of Apparition in Egypt (1968-1970)      Duplicate of Video   Article on Apparitions of Zeitoun, Egypt Photos and Info   Real Photos of Apparitions at Zeitoun Documentary of Zeitun narrated by Ricardo Montalban     Newspaper article on Zeitoun   Saint Mary’s Appearance in Zeitoun  Eyewitnesses included Father Dr. Ayrut of Greek Catholic Church and Rev. Dr. Ibrahim Said of the Protestant Evangelical Ministries


Books on the Zeitoun apparitions that can be read for free online at include: Our Lord's Mother visits Egypt in 1968 & 1969 by Pearl Zaki (1977) AND When Millions Saw Mary by Francis Johnston(1980). Other books on Zeitoun in the English language (there are many in the Arabic language) include: A Lady of Light Appears in Egypt: The Story of Zeitoun by Youssef Kamell, John P. Jackson & Rebecca Jackson (1996) AND Our Lady Returns to Egypt by Fr. Jerome Palmer, O.S.B. (1969)



       Jesus confides in Blessed Alexandrina da Costa (1904-1955)

Blessed Alexandrina begged heaven to heal her, but Jesus explained to her that her suffering was necessary to help Him save souls.  Jesus said to girl, "You will very rarely receive consolation... I want that while your heart is filled with suffering, on your lips there is a smile" (Source: Vatican website).

Blessed Alexandrina was beatified by Pope John Paul II in 2004. Jesus also reportedly told Alexandrina, “My daughter, suffering is the key to Heaven. I have endured so much to open Heaven to all mankind, but for many it was in vain. They say, ‘I want to enjoy life, I have come into the world only for enjoyment." They say ‘Hell does not exist.’ I have died for them, and they say they did not ask Me to do so …. Happy the soul who understands the value of suffering! My cross is sweet if carried for love of Me...” (Source).

Question: When did the Virgin Mary start interceding for us with Jesus?

Answer: In the first century, at the wedding of Cana. The wine ran out, and out of compassion for the embarrassed hosts, she pleaded with Jesus to help out – something Jesus would not have done without his loving mother asking him to.

          Deacon Keith Fornier further explains: “From antiquity, the Fathers of the Church have correctly and uniformly taught that this encounter was also about more than the relationship between the Apostle John (whom sacred scripture calls "the beloved disciple") and Mary the mother of the Lord. It was -and is- about the expanded family of the Church, the community that Jesus came to found - and of which He is the Head – and we are the members. We are the family of Jesus! As a final gift, right before He died, He gave His mother to His whole family, through giving her to the beloved disciple John. This was a gift for all of us, an exchange, and an expansion of the family circle of relationship. In this exchange, the tradition has long taught, He also entrusted all of us to her maternal care. Jesus was not minimizing His relationship with His mother through these words given in response to the crowd, He was expanding it. He hungers, through Divine love, to include all of us in the "family circle" of God. (Fornier, Deacon Keith. “Who are My Mother and Brothers? We are the Family of Jesus.” Catholic Online, Jan 27, 2015)


Question: When did the Virgin Mary become our mother?

Answer: When Jesus was on the cross and gave his own mother to his Apostle John, thus giving his mother to all humans. According to the Bible, “When Jesus saw his mother, and the disciple whom he loved standing near, he said to his mother, ‘Woman, behold, your son!’ Then he said to the disciple, ‘Behold, your mother!’ And from that hour the disciple took her to his own home (John 19:26-27).” As Grace MacKinnon points out, “Throughout the Church’s history, numerous popes, theologians, and writers have confirmed their belief that here John is symbolic of all humanity. In other words, that Jesus from the Cross gave His Mother to every human person for all time.” Dear Grace 


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