St. Joseph on the Beach: This man shares a remarkable story about his grandfather during the 1930s or 1940s in Egypt involving a miracle by the foster father of Jesus. In short, store employees plotted to murder his grandfather because he prevented them from stealing from the store. They made him dig his own grave at an empty beach. Seven employees then threw him into the ditch and began shoveling dirt over him.


“That was when a mysterious old man appeared at the top of the hill, his eyes and body were glowing white with brilliance and the old man descended towards them at a speed no human being could attain. The employees were so frightened by what happened that they dropped their hats . . . and ran away as fast as they could. When my grandfather climbed out of the ditch to thank the old man, the old man suddenly vanished.”


Just then, his grandfather remembered that his aunt had called from Lebanon a few days earlier to say she had a dream that Saint Joseph would save him from being murdered. He realized he should not have laughed at her dream and her “superstition” after all. (Source - scroll to humble_catholic)



KISSED BY POPE FRANCIS:   Baby Gianna Masciantonio was born September 17, 2014. That same month, she was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Doctors told her heartbroken parents she only had “days to weeks, maybe months” to live and would never reach her first birthday.


Soon after the diagnosis, the baby’s mother had a profound dream: “I had a dream. She was walking upstairs which meant that she had to be old enough to be walking. And at the top of the stairs was the Pope and Saint Gianna’s daughter. And I had that dream. And it came true,” Gianna’s mother the day after her baby was kissed by the pope (Source: David Spunt, CBS Philly).


Ever since the dream in 2014, the mother, Kristen Masciantonio, knew her baby would live long enough to walk (Baby Gianna would go on to have her first birthday on 9/17/2015, and is doing better).


Kristen also knew from the dream that her baby would one day meet Pope Francis.


This part came true in Philadelphia when Pope Francis kissed and blessed the baby one year after the dream as his popemobile headed to Independence Hall on Saturday, September 26, 2015.  The baby’s father, Joey Masciantonio, told CBS that he “held her over the fence as far as I could” and that’s when a guard grabbed her and took her to the pope.  “We just thought we’d see him drive by. We never thought in a million years that he would bless our daughter,” Joey said (Source: FOX 29).


But there’s more. Recall that in the mother’s dream, Saint Gianna's daughter stood at the top of the stairs along with the pope.  Well, Saint Gianna’s daughter – also named Gianna and now a doctor – happened to attend the papal festivities in Philadelphia. While in Philly, the saint’s daughter held  Baby Gianna Masciantonio (this happened on Thursday, Sept 24, 2015)!


The baby has already achieved many milestones previously believed impossible.


In December of 2014 (when the baby was a few months old), doctors at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia “determined that the rare tumor on her brain stem was benign but still pressing on vital nerves” and by summer she no longer needed a feeding tube (Source: Peg Quann, Bucks County Courier Times). The baby had spent the first year of life in hospice care.

Two months after the papal kiss, it was reported that the tumor had drastically shrunk. The baby’s father said that prior to the papal encounter, treatment had been shrinking the tumor about 5 percent per month, but that immediately after the pope’s touch, the tumor had shown massive shrinkage, with just a “blush” left. The father said baby Gianna had spent her first nine months of life in hospice care, but now they have hope. According to the father, “The miracle is all the people who prayed. The Pope is just the messenger that God heard. (Source: Medical Miracle: Baby’s Tumor Shrinks After Kiss from Pope     Baby’s Brain Tumor Shrinks after Kiss from Pope Francis  CBS Pittsburgh   CBS Philly  Daily News)


Links:  Pope makes dream come true for parents of sick baby (Peg Quann, Bucks County Courier Times, 9/27/15);  Baby with Inoperable Brain Tumor Receives Surprise Kiss from Pope Francis David Spunt, CBS Philly    Family of baby with brain tumor blessed by Pope Francis visit Good Day (FOX 29)     Baby of Native Pittsburgh Couple Receives Kiss, Blessing from Pope     Saint Gianna Beretta Molla (1922-1962)

"Padre Pio during Mass". Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia
"Padre Pio during Mass". Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia

                        Padre Pio puts hand on shoulder


While dying of intestinal cancer, a sick man wakes up to find a bearded man's hand on his shoulder, comforting him.  A week later, his priest sends the family a photo of Padre Pio, and the sick man immediately recognizes him as the man who had shown up. The sick man had never seen a picture of the deceased saint previously, though Padre Pio's famous gloves had been touched to his skin. (the priest had brought him the gloves, which Padre Pio once used to soak up blood from his stigmata wounds). The man eventually died of the cancer, but the man's life was extended. In fact, the tumor in the intestine showed miraculous shrinking the next time he went to the doctor.      (Source: forums member Darran)

Man from dream identified: A man unknown to this woman appeared in a dream and said to confide in him any troubles she had. The woman unburdened herself. They prayed together. The very next day, the woman was flipping through a Catholic New Yorker magazine and spotted a photo of the very man from the dream! It was Solanus Casey (1870-1955), a Capuchin priest whose life was being investigated for sainthood. When the priest was alive, people used to come to him to tell them his troubles.  (Source – scroll to prosebyme)


St. Dymphna came to this woman in a dream: Now she is in the process of becoming Catholic. (Source - scroll down to katpants)


In a dream, Blessed Mother cradles her dead Son – This woman was living a sinful life when, in her dream, a tearful Blessed Mother holding her dead Son who had just come down off the cross said to her, “Look what you’ve done." The woman changed her life, wishing never to hurt Jesus again (Source – scroll to “RosaryFan”).


Presence of loved one is felt by five different people in five different parts of house  All three children came running in saying the same thing – that Sam had just said he was in heaven and his leg didn’t hurt anymore.  (Source - scroll to rturner76)


Virgin Mary’s mother appears and says, “I am Ann.”  to Yves Nicolazi on June 5, 1623. She says, "Yves Nicolazic, do not fear. I am Anne, the Virgin Mary's mother. Tell your rector that at one time there used to be a chapel on that patch of land called Bocenno, even before there was village here. It was the most popular one in all the country. It was destroyed 924 years and 6 months ago. I would like to have it rebuilt as soon as possible. I would like you to take care of it because God wants me to be honored there." The basilica that was then built in northwestern France can still be visited today. It's called the Basilica of Sainte-Anne d'Auray.

Basilica of Sainte-Anne d’Auray  Ann Apparition   AnnApparition2    www.cartemarialedumonde.org/en/sanctuary/sainte-anne-auray-shrine   Yves Nicolazic

This woman didn’t believe in signs – until her father died. The next day, all of a sudden the most beautiful full double rainbow appeared outside the house. Later her mom was going through the attic and found a letter from her dad from his service days in World War II. He had seen a rainbow while flying and promised that one day he’d show his wife a rainbow. Beautiful! (Source)


Edel Quinn (1907-1944) – Just after dying in Nairobi, she appeared to a friend on a bridge in Dublin so the depressed woman wouldn’t commit suicide. It worked! (See this link and scroll down to “Edel on O’Connell Bridge”). Edel Quinn  Venerable Edel Quinn    Edel Quinn (Irish lay missionary in Africa)



The deceased Padre Pio greets him in Italy - Father Shenan Boquet visited the friary in San Giovanni Rotondo where Padre Pio lived until his death in 1968. He wanted to pray for relief from his illness. The moment he knelt down in the church, he looked up. Immediately he saw a Capuchin friar coming towards him. The friar pointed his finger at the priest and says, “Do not be afraid of dying if it serves God’s mighty work.” The friar also grabbed him by the arm and showed him a picture of a man who died in fear without being prepared. The friar then said, “Do not be afraid of serving God even if it’s through an illness if it serves God’s plan. No one is prepared. No one is ready. Prepare.”


All of a sudden the friar wasn’t there, which didn’t make sense. As the priest left, he told a younger friar to thank the “older friar” for his thoughtfulness. The friar assured him there had been no other friars in the vicinity. The American priest eventually realized he had been visited by long dead Padre Pio himself. In fact, the mysterious friar had even said to him, “Pray, hope and don’t worry,” which is Padre Pio’s famous phrase.  After the incident, Father Boquet began healing nicely from his illness.


(Source: Program #10860 of “Women of Grace” – aired on EWTN May 18 & 19, 2015). Father Shenan Boquet was a guest of host Johnette Benkovic. Fr. Boquet is president of Human Life International. 

Roses sent by Saint Thérèse of Lisieux (1873-1897). This French saint is well-known for sending roses to those who ask her for help. In fact, before dying, the saint said, “I will let fall a shower of roses” and “I shall spend my heaven doing good upon earth.” Thousands have said they received roses from her, including Pope Francis.

I’ll just mention a few charming examples collected by author Elizabeth Ficocelli in her book, Shower of Heavenly Roses (2004). A red rose lying in the snow. A never-dying rose in a vase. Roses sent to reveal that certain family members had entered heaven.

But my favorite story in her book involves a husband named Mike who worked at a thrift shop. One day, he called his wife from the shop about an unusual incident.

Apparently, a young woman had come in with a bag of items she was donating, yet nobody had seen her enter or leave the store. It seemed she had just vanished after giving Mike her bag. What Mike did not know was that his  wife had been secretly praying a novena to St. Thérèse about her husband’s health problems. Mike's wife said nothing about this on the phone, but she did wonder to herself, "Could the mysterious woman possibly have been Saint Thérèse?"


When her husband got home, she asked him to view a wall covered with pictures of people. Although he was a non-Catholic and unfamiliar with the faces of saints, Mike immediately pointed to the image of St. Therese as the woman in the thrift shop. His wife then revealed her identity. If you are curious about what was found in the bag donated to the shop by the saint, read the book, Shower of Heavenly Roses


Pope John Paul II declared Saint Thérèse of Lisieux the 33rd Doctor of the Church in 1997. She is also known as the “Little Flower” and “St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus



"St. Joseph Wandsbek Statue des Pio von Pietrelcina" by An-d - Own work. License: CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons
"St. Joseph Wandsbek Statue des Pio von Pietrelcina" by An-d - Own work. License: CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons

                  Padre Pio appeared to him in jail 


A woman from Los Angeles named Hortencia Portez reports that her uncle was scared to death in jail in El Paso, Texas, back in the 1930s. The uncle had been convicted of trafficking liquor from Mexico to the United States. The jail was filed with violent inmates and jailers.


The uncle prayed to a holy priest named Padre Pio for protection (Padre Pio was alive but in Italy). Hortencia writes, “One night as he was praying, his cell became filled with a beautiful fragrance of roses. He felt a great sense of peace. He saw Padre Pio standing in front of him. Padre Pio communicated to Uncle Eleno that everything would be all right.” Uncle Eleno lived to be a hundred years old.  (Source: www.PadrePioDevotions.org/testimonials (scroll to “My Uncle’s Whole Life Changed”)       


Links: Padre Pio Website     More Padre Pio Miracles



Dr. Restrepo
Dr. Restrepo

               Doctor is cured from lupus overnight


Dr. Carlos Eduardo Restrepo, an anesthesiologist from Medellín, Colombia, realized he was cured upon waking up one morning in January of 2005. The previous night, he was still very ill from lupus and was suffering from an infection in the thorax and kidney damage, and was expected to die soon. He had spent nine months in the hospital. After receiving last rites, an image of the late Blessed Laura came to his mind in a strong way, so he started praying to her.


According to CNA, the doctor prayed to Laura, “Mother Laura . .  . If you heal me of this, I will tell the world about your miracle so that you will be raised to the altars.” The doctor adds that “when I entrusted myself to Blessed Laura I felt a wonderful sense of peace.” He told the Colombia newspaper, El Tiempo, “If this isn’t a miracle, I don’t know what is.”


Regarding the night when the image of Laura came to him, Dr. Restrepo explains, “a mí me vino la imagen de ella. No voy a decir que fue una aparición o que vi una luz, me acordé de ella, pensé en ella,” according to ACI/EWTN Noticias.  In English, this means, “The image of her came to me. I’m not going to say it was an apparition or that I saw a light, but I was reminded of her, I thought of her.”


On this night, he prayed to Blessed Laura of St. Catherine of Siena (also known as Blessed Laura de Jesus Montoya Upegui). The miracle was one of two miracles approved by the Vatican for Laura, who died in 1949.  Many believe Laura will become the first canonized Colombian saint.



Links:  Conozca el milagro que permitiría canonización de primera santa de Colombia       Spanish video of Dr. Restrepo        Laura Montoya (Vatican News)