They’re not bad kids!”: Carmen Capozzi of Irwin, Pennsylvania, was in grief. He had been crying in his deceased son’s bedroom for two days, ever since his 20-year-old son, Sage Capozzi, had died of a heroin overdose on March 5, 2012. He was begging God to make the last two days just a dream. That’s when the father clearly heard his son’s voice tell him to get up and help kids like Sage. The son said something like, “Dad, get up. You have to help them. They’re not bad kids.” Eight days later, Carmen Capozzi launched Sage’s Army (www.sagesarmy.com) to help addicted kids and their parents (Source: Article 1  (scroll down to “Father musters Sage’s Army” OSV 7/14/13) Article2  Article3  Article4)


“Take up your cross”:  The voice of Jesus was heard by a caller to the Mother Angelica Live talk show. On a show that originally aired on March 15, 1994 (a rerun aired 10/21/2009), a woman called in and said that she previously lived a very sinful life. Even though she was not Catholic, she went to Confession one day to rid her soul of the sins and restore peace. Afterwards, she still did not want to be Catholic because she thought it would “be too hard” with all its rules and Holy Days of Obligations. One day, she was praying before the Crucifix when she heard a very loud voice say, “I never said it would be easy. Take up your cross and follow me.” Before she hung up, the woman also mentioned another miracle – in one instant her alcoholism was no more. She never had another drink.


Voice in the World Trade Center: Ron DiFrancesco, a money-market broker, was one of just two survivors from Floor 84 of Tower Two. When he got down to the 79th or 80th floor and was overwhelmed with smoke, he stopped and gave up. But then a male voice – which did not belong to any of the people around him in the stairwell – said his first name and insisted, “Get up!” DiFrancesco could feel a physical presence near him, according to Men’s Journal.   His invisible guide was with him for five minutes and led him down to the 76th floor – through about three floors of fire – until he had a safe route of escape.

          According to Men’s Journal, “He had the sensation that “somebody lifted me up.” He felt that he was being guided: “I was led to the stairs. I don’t think something grabbed my hand, but I was definitely led.” He resumed his descent down the stairwell and soon saw a point of light. He followed it, fighting his way through drywall and other debris that had collapsed, obstructing the stairwell. Then he encountered flames. He recoiled from the fire. But still someone helped him. “There was still danger, so it led me to break through, led me to run through the fire.… There was obviously somebody encouraging me. That’s not where you go, you don’t go toward the fire.…”

          DiFrancesco’s story was featured on the four-episode TV series, Angels Among Us.    Other survivors of 9/11 who were interviewed on the show include Genelle Guzman-McMillan. This woman felt an angel holding her hand and told her everything would be alright as she lay in the rubble of Ground Zero for 27 hours. The angel gave his name as Paul.

          The show also features John Yates, a civilian security manager who was one of the most severely burned survivors of the Pentagon strike.      While Yates was surrounded in dark, black smoke and had no idea which way to go, he felt someone grab his ankle. "Suddenly, I heard a voice that said, 'Go out to the DMPM door. It's clear down there. To this day, he doesn't know whose voice hollered that guidance. He can only assume it was his guardian angel,” according to an  article by Christie Vanover published by www.army.mil.

          “Somebody grabbed the back of my leg. And I heard a voice say to go out this one particular door (farthest one from where we were) and I just crawled towards that voice. I crawled until ran headfirst into door” (SeeVideo of 9/11 Survivor John Yates)



World Trade Center Cross: Have you seen photos of the cross of metal found in the debris at Ground Zero after the attacks. Known as "the World Trade Center Cross," the 20-foot cross of two steel beams is now displayed on a pedestal. For CNN photos of cross, click here. For Google photos of cross, click here.


Voice from a saint’s tomb: Long suffering from an incurable disease (Milroy’s lymphedema), Maureen Digan arrived at the tomb of Sister Faustina Kowalska in Poland on March 23, 1981. Maureen had lost her faith due to her illness but now went to Confession for the first time since she was a young girl. Maureen told Saint Faustina she had come a very long way to see her (from Massachusetts). Then she heard the saint’s voice tell her, internally, “If you ask for my help, I will give it to you.” “All the pain seemed to drain out of her body and her swollen leg which was due to be amputated shortly, went back to its normal size. When she returned to the U.S.A. she was examined by five independent doctors who came to the conclusion that she was completely healed,” according to the article published at http://thedivinemercy.org/message/stfaustina/graces.php. The Vatican approved the miracle. Also see this article and this info. To read excerpts of  Saint Faustina’s diary which covers everything that Jesus told the saint, see Divine Mercy excerpts.


Voice of the late Pope John Paul II   A woman named Floribeth Mora suffered from a life-threatening aneurysm in her cerebral artery. A magazine in her home happened to have a photo of the late Pope John Paul II on the cover. From beyond the grave, the beloved pope said, "Get up” and “Don’t be afraid." The voice came from the photograph. The Costa Rican wife and mother got up. She knew instantly that she had been cured of her brain aneurysm. After an investigation of medical records, the miracle was approved by the Vatican.   Costa Rican woman claims late Pope John Paul II cured fatal brain aneurysm     John Paul Miracle    Floribeth’s Story by JPII   Video


Voice Heard by Mother Teresa: The voice of Jesus Christ was heard by Mother Teresa. Jesus said, “Won’t you help me?” and “I want Indian Sisters, victims of My love, be they Marys or Marthas, so closely united with Me as to radiate My love onto souls. I want free Sisters, clad in my poverty of the Cross; I want obedient Sisters, clad in my obedience on the Cross; I want Sisters overflowing with love, clad in the charity of the Cross. Will you refuse to do this for me?’” On a later date, Jesus said to Mother Teresa, “You will wear simple Indian dress, or rather as My mother dressed, simply and poorly. What you are now wearing is holy because it is my symbol. Your sari will also become holy because it, too, will be my symbol.”    Info on Mother Teresa   Interview of Mother Teresa (1989, Time Magazine)



Father Elijah: An Apocalypse  is a novel by Michael O’Brien. I have not yet read the book, but I caught the author's interview on Life on the Rock on EWTN  (aired Oct. 23, 2008). The painter, novelist and essayist has written at least a dozen books. On this episode, O'Brien explained the inspiration for the riveting tale he created for his novel, Father Elijah. The Canadian author had been discouraged about everything, especially about the weak state of the Church in Canada and people’s disdain for children and family. He was grieving. He was weeping. He was pleading with the Lord for the Church to be purified and strengthened. From his heart, Michael prayed to God, “This place is desolation . . . Where are you?”  Just then, a supernatural peace filled him and he heard a voice: “The Lord wishes to speak to you.”  Michael emphasizes that he is not a person who hears voices.   Michael opened the Scriptures and saw God’s answer: “In this desolation I will give fruitfulness.”  Michael O’Brien kneeled down to thank the Lord. Just then, the whole story for his next novel flooded into his mind.  Each morning, he would ask God to send him the Angel of Inspiration. He never found a book so easy to write.   Father Elijah on Amazon   Michael O’Brien wiki   Michael O’Brien homepage


Voice says not to get out of car. Just after a voice told her to remain in her car, shots were fired. An American woman visited Ecuador. On her first day, a voice said not to get out of car. She mentally responded that she was really late (the Ecuadorian family was expecting her). The voice said if she needed to go, then it must be NOW. On her way up the stairs, she heard five gun shots and the voice told her to get inside because she was in danger. (Source - Scroll to “ClearWater”)


Voice of the Lord Jesus to Padre Pio: Just before the painful wounds of Christ’s stigmata were imprinted on the body of St. Padre Pio, the Italian saint and priest heard these words: “I will unite you with my Passion.” The stigmata remained for 50 years. The personal account of the saint’s receiving the stigmata was kept secret until 40 years after he died.


             Here is Padre Pio’s account, as published by Zenit News Agency on Sept. 22, 2008: It was June 15, 1921, and in answer to a question posed by Bishop Rossi, Padre Pio said: "On Sept. 20, 1918, I was in the choir of the church after celebrating Mass, making the thanksgiving when I was suddenly overtaken by powerful trembling and then there came calm and I saw Our Lord in his crucified form. "He was lamenting the ingratitude of men, especially those consecrated to him and favored by him."   

             "Then," Padre Pio continued, "his suffering was apparent as was his desire to join souls to his Passion. He invited me to let his pains enter into me and to meditate on them and at the same time concern myself with the salvation of others. Following this, I felt full of compassion for the Lord's pains and I asked him what I could do.    "I heard this voice: 'I will unite you with my Passion.' And after this the vision disappeared, I came back to myself, my reason returned and I saw these signs here from which blood flowed. Before this I did not have these."


            Padre Pio then said that the stigmata were not the result of a personal request of his own but came from an invitation of the Lord, who, lamenting the ingratitude of men, and consecrated persons in particular, conferred on Padre Pio a mission as the culmination of an interior mystical journey of preparation. 


          As an aside, St. Francis of Assisi also had a vision of the Christ crucified when he received the stigmata. According to the account contained in St. Bonaventure’s Life of St. Francis, St. Francis was praying on the mountainside when a “Seraph with six fiery and shining wings descend from the height of heaven. And when in swift flight the Seraph had reached a spot in the air near the man of God, there appeared between the wings the figure of the a man crucified, with his hands and feet extended in the form of a cross and fastened to a cross. Two of the wings were lifted above his head, two were extended for flight and two covered his whole body. 

          “When Francis saw this, he was overwhelmed and his whole body was flooded with a mixture of joy and sorrow. He rejoiced because of gracious way Christ looked upon him under the appearance of the Seraph, but the fact that he was fastened to a cross pierced his soul with a sword of compassionate sorrow.” 



Voice of the Child Jesus: A prized 16th century statue of the Child Jesus from present-day Czech Republic was known as the “Infant of Prague.” When war came to the country, occupying forces threw the statue onto a pile of trash in a church. A priest name Father Cyrillus found it in 1637 and prayed before the now-broken statue. A voice said, “Have mercy on me and I will have mercy on you. Return my hands to me and I shall give you peace. The more you honor me, the more I shall bless you.”


The priest examined the statue and upon finding that both hands were broken off, fixed it. The statue has since become associated with countless miracles and blessings and is currently housed in a Cistercian monastery in Asturias, Spain.     History of the Infant of Prague   


Voice points out future husband: A woman heard a loud, audible voice telling her she was going to marry the man standing behind her – a stranger who was eating a sandwich in her sandwich shop. The next day, the man returned to the sandwich shop and asked her out. He admitted later that on the same night that the woman heard the voice, he himself had had a vivid dream telling him, “You have just met your wife!”  Prior to the matchmaking incident, the woman had been praying that God would send her a husband. They have been together for more than 20 years. (Source: Scroll down to “boomerang”)


Voice reveals her future vocation: When she was a sophomore in high school, she privately asked something like, “What am I going to be?” She immediately heard the words, “Be a nun.” (Source – scroll to “Lormar”)


Voice during Lent: Two weeks into Lent, a nurse was eating lunch around 3 a.m. at the hospital and still had not given up anything for Lent. She was about to open up a snack cake when a loud and clear voice said, “Could you not give this up for Me?”  The nurse knew it was Jesus, and never ate sweets again during Lent. ( Source - Scroll to chococat)


Voice says Slow Down: While driving on the highway on a rainy night, her mother suddenly “heard a very distinct voice . . . urgently say, ‘Slow down!’ As soon as she did, the car in front of her hydroplaned and spun off the road . . . she felt it was her guardian angel…” (Source: scroll to “GwynB”)


Voice says not to sin again. A woman once apologized to God for a sin and heard a firm but loving voice respond, “Do not do it again.” (Source:    Scroll to Lady Love)


Virgin Mary responds: A man named Dan says that back when he was having trouble understanding Catholic teachings and Marian devotion, he asked Mary privately how we are to honor her. A woman’s voice responded, “Honor me by loving my Son.” (Source:  scroll to “danonwaveland)


Driving on an eight-lane highway with four lanes, this person heard a “voice as clear as a bell” saying to change lanes, despite the fact there was no traffic ahead. A half mile later, the driver saw a very dark truck stopped in the far right lane with its lights out that would have been impossible to have seen on time. (Source scroll to “kanrok”)


Voice says Prayer will be Answered: A woman who prayed emergency prayers over a dire situation heard “a woman’s voice tell me that what I asked for had been granted.” And it was! (Source - Scroll to “GraceUnderFire”)


Mary Said His  Name: This man was lying awake at night during a time of great stress when he heard “a clear beautiful voice speak my name once. The voice was spoken in a tone that meant to convey to me that I should have strength and stop worrying . . .”   The man adds that he never told anyone about the voice until now. (Source - Scroll to BrotherAndre)


Another person's experience while at Eucharistic Adoration: “I felt Jesus leave the tabernacle and like a flaming sword pierce my soul. He entered what I felt was the core of my existence, my utmost center of identity . . .” ( Source - Scroll to ratsaj)


Voice stopped him from applying: A man named Paul almost applied for a position at work because he wanted his hard work to be more visible and noticeable. But then a voice which was “clear as a bell” quoted the words of St. John the Baptist from the Gospel of John (3:30): “I must decrease so He may increase.”  He realized that Christ needed his own pride and ambition to decrease so that Christ’s work could be magnified. (Source: Scroll to “PJD1987)


Voice says to go to a doctor: Due to a severe allergy to mold, this woman almost died and was choking to death in bed. Mary’s voice said, “Jesus saved you my Child.” This experience involved more than a voice. Jesus and Mary actually came to the woman’s side. “Jesus was there beside me and got me up with Mother Mary’s words, ‘Jesus saved you, go to your Doctor, this will happen again if you do not take this seriously.'” (Source - scroll to HolyRosaryChild)


Voice encouraged him to go to Communion: While at church one day, this woman was debating whether she was worthy to receive Communion. She heard Jesus say, “I am your Judge. What are you afraid of?” The voice gave the woman “a feeling of being really loved. It was tender.”  (Source: scroll to “Lady Love”)


Adorable boy calls in to radio station (The boy’s animal was badly injured and had to be put down. The sad boy asked God why this had to happen to his special calf.  God responded!  God said, “You know Logan, my son was special, but he died with a purpose.”   Listen here.

This man was drowning in problems: Drowning in financial and marital problems, this man blurted out, “God, I can’t handle this.”  Boy was he surprised when a clear voice responded, “I know, Bob, but I can.” (Source - scroll down to “estesbob”)


“When are you going to give me a wife?”  Bill Goss asked God when He would give him a wife.  God answered, “When you are ready to have a wife, I will give you one.”  Bill Goss met his future wife the following week. This is just one story included on Bill Goss’ Miracle List which he compiled as part of his alcohol recovery program. On the last day of an intense retreat known as Ecumenical Cursillo, he felt the closeness of Jesus. He writes, “It was so sweet and overwhelming that I began to cry with pure joy.  I asked Him to back off a bit because it was so intense—it was wonderful—I have never felt His nearness to that extreme.”  Also check out this man’s photos of Israel.


God offered to help her quit smoking  Her husband died when her son was only five years old. Years later, her son came home from fifth grade with a picture of a lung with cancer and said, “Mamma, I don’t want you to die, too.” The mother began thinking to herself how she wished she could quit smoking so her son wouldn’t worry. She had tried before but had failed. Just then, she heard a loud and clear MALE voice say, “Let me help you.” The woman writes, “I had no withdrawal symptoms and never had the desire to smoke again” (Source: scroll to Memaw).


“God’s Ganster”     John Pridmore  felt a voice in his heart from God convicting him of the bad things he had done. But forgiveness and peace followed.  This is the amazing story of John Pridmore, a criminal/drug dealer/bouncer, who felt a voice in his heart from God. His wounds began when he was ten and his parents got divorced.  Author of “From Gangland to Promised Land.”     God’s Gangster


Voice inspired him to start a Catholic radio station – In the early 1970s, Philadelphia-born Dominic Lettieri’s family tailoring business had gone bankrupt, leaving him in debt and no way to feed his family. “As Dad was walking down the street from the courthouse, he heard a voice that told him to start a Catholic radio network,” his daughter Mary Lettieri told The Bulletin. The article continues: “Lettieri thought he was going crazy hearing this voice, but it just kept getting stronger.”  His radio station went on the air from his basement in 1975 with Lettieri hosting shows for more than 30 years. Originally called “Acts 29,” the network was later renamed “In His Sign Network.”


The Bulletin adds that Lettieri “became one of the city’s most influential figures in spreading the Gospels of Jesus Christ.”  Lettieri’s radio show guests included then-Vice-President George H.W. Bush,  PA Governor Casey,  and Mother Angelica. His shows aired on 800 A.M.   Dominic Lettieri was a graduate of St. Joseph’s College and had served in the Air Force. He died on Jan. 3, 2007.  (Source: “Catholic Radio Founder’s Inspiring Tale is One of Destiny” by Joe Murray, The Bulletin, 1/10/2006 –The Bulletin was a Philadelphia newspaper circulating from 2004 to 2009))   In His Sign Network    Obituary of Dominic Lettieri


Saint Stanislaus Kostka (1550-1568) – He had a vision of the Virgin Mary in which she asked him to become a Jesuit. Despite the opposition from his family, who came from nobility, the teenager became a Jesuit at the age of 17. He died at the age of 18.   St. Stanislaus Kostka


Heard voice of Padre Pio (“You are healed.”)  Dr. Fernando Scaglia reports a cure that occurred in 2010 after his mother’s first round of treatments for bone cancer and after prayers for Padre Pio’s intercession. That’s when his mother heard the voice of Padre Pio in her home saying to her in Italian, “You are healed.” She was healed. Dr. Scaglia also reports that while he and his parents watched a movie about Padre Pio (who had died in 1968) in their home, “a strong and exquisite fragrance of violets suddenly came from my rosary.”  Read more at this link (scroll to Dr. Fernando Scaglia).   Links: Padre Pio Website     More Padre Pio Miracles

Jesus spoke from a crucifix:  In the late 13th century, the great Christian philosopher, Saint Thomas Aquinas, was finishing his masterpiece, Summa Theologica.  The famous incident of Christ speaking to the saint is explained well by William H. Carroll, Ph.D., who writes: 
One night, in the chapel of the Dominican priory in Naples where St. Thomas was then living, the sacristan concealed himself to watch the saint at prayer. He saw him lifted into the air, and heard Christ speaking to him from the crucifix on the chapel wall: 

"Thomas, you have written well of me. What reward will you have?"

"Lord, nothing but yourself."


His request was soon answered. On December 6, 1273, St. Thomas Aquinas was saying  Mass for the feast of St. Nicholas in the chapel where the crucifix had spoken to him.  Some profound experience - spiritual, mental, and physical suddenly overwhelmed  him. He showed few external signs of the change at first; but he declared to his long- time secretary that he could write no more. "All that I have written," he said, "seems  like straw to me."


During the next few weeks he spent almost all his time in prayer; on March 7, 1274, he  died (Source: The Eucharistic Devotion of St. Thomas Aquinas by William H. Carroll, Ph.D.).





Perhaps you caught the press coverage of the Ginkgo biloba tree in West New York – a crime-ridden, economically-depressed town in New Jersey across the Hudson from Manhattan – during the summer of 2012.


The tree developed a knot that bares the distinct form, colors and shape that anyone familiar with the Virgin of Guadalupe would recognize (photo here).  Here’s an even better photo.


The Virgin Mary is known as the “Virgin of Guadalupe” in reference to her apparition in Mexico City in 1531 – an apparition that converted Mexico to Christianity. The famous New Jersey tree is located in a bilingual neighborhood. In fact, 78 percent of the residents of West New York are Latino or Hispanic (2010 Census).


Like the mysterious image of Mary in the tree, the real Virgin of Guadalupe wore a flowing bluish cloak, praying hands,  and a veil on her head, and appeared with a shimmering halo of light around her body. The visionary who saw her in 1531 said a cloud appeared around her, filled with rays of light and rainbow colors.


The recent image on the tree appeared after a man from Mexico was killed in the area in a car crash. Prayerful people from the town – which has a high Spanish-speaking population – showed up at the tree on Bergenline Avenue and 60th Street and also urged the mayor to protect the tree and allow for a monument there.


As striking as the image may be, the discovery of the image in July of 2012, involves an even more remarkable story. According to the New York Times, “Carmen Lopez, of Passaic, N.J., noticed the knot on July 5 while car-pooling to her job at a perfume factory in Edison, N.J. She brought it to the attention of two priests, the West New York police and finally the mayor.”


The New York Times did not mention the more significant fact:  Lopez saw a heavenly light around the tree at the time she saw the image, and, as a result, was too frightened to go closer to the tree (AFP did mentioned the light).


On July 10, another woman, Eva Copan-Titla, separately spotted the image at 3 p.m. and walked straight to the mayor’s office to report it.


But the most remarkable testimony comes from Maria Julieta Baez, age 25, who heard the voice of a woman come from the image on July 10. She described the incident to American Family Publishers (AFP):  "When I got here I saw her: she said 'I'm the Virgin,'" Baez recounted to a chorus of admiring "wows" from others gathered on the sidewalk by the tree. Baez added, "I was speechless."


The New York Times quoted Baez but did not include the story of the voice in its article.


A few days after the anniversary of the discovery of the image in New Jersey, an accidental fire damaged the image. Although the image of Mary is darker, it is still there. The article at this link covers the fire and has photos of the darkened image.


Interestingly, many people who showed up at the tree merely to see it with their eyes, said they were surprised that they actually felt something physically in the vicinity of the image. For example, in this video interview, a woman says that while in the presence of Mary’s image, “Me sentí algo” (“I felt something”). And a woman in this video interview said, “As soon as I got here I felt this rush come through my body …”


In Mexico, the image of the Virgen de Guadalupe is the most honored image of Mary in Mexico.


SALT LAKE CITY: As long we are discussing trees with religious images . . . . some of you may recall 1997 story about the image of Mary that appeared in the knothole of a tree stump in Salt Lake City, Utah. The stump was located at the edge of Taufer Park at 700 South & 300 East. Sap began oozing from the eyes of the woman’s head – which some interpreted as Mary crying tears. Some devotees collected sap for the sick, and several miraculous healings were claimed.


Whether or not the Utah incident was a true sign from heaven, it is interesting to read the personal experiences of those who arrived to pray at the tree. One person who posted on the Catholic Answers forums in response to a question about Mary wrote: “…there was sap running out of the tree in mid-winter. I touched the sap and the hole and had an experience and I was at that moment sorry for all the things I had done prior to that point.” (source scroll to scoobydoo6v92)



Links on New Jersey Tree:  Crowds flock to Virgin ‘miracle’ tree in New Jersey (by Sebastian Smith, AFP)

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